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Episode 18
Farewell, Gon
Kamen Rider Kabuto episode
Writer Inoue Toshiki
Director Tasaki Ryuuta
Original air date May 28, 2006 (2006-05-28)
Viewership 8.7%
Episode chronology
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Episode 17
Recovered Memory!!
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Episode 19
Rich Scorpion
Episode List
Kamen Rider Kabuto
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Aired with Boukenger Task 15

Air date: May 28, 2006 (2006-05-28)

Important things that happened[edit]

  • Daisuke is forced to continue working for ZECT.
  • Gon likes to drink tomato miso soup. The master of the restaurant says he got the recipe from the magazine writer who interviewed Daisuke.
    • Daisuke realizes the magazine writer is Gon's mother. She has been looking for Gon all the time after the Viella Worm's attack on the bus that they were caught in.
  • Gon eventually remembers her mother. However, she loses all her memories of her time with Daisuke together.
  • The Sasword Zecter makes an appearance.

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Viella Worm (ビエラワーム)
  • A Worm who attacked a bus going to Kotogawa Station with Gon being one of the passengers.

Guest Stars[edit]



  • Grandmother said this... "During meals an angel descends. For it is a sacred time."
  • Grandmother said this... "Children are treasures. The greatest sin in this world, is to hurt those treasures!"

Songs Used[edit]


  • Gon remembers her mother through the words: It's okay. Mom is with you.


Original Creator: Ishinomori Shoutarou (石ノ森章太郎)
Supervisor: Onodera Akira (小野寺 章)
Writer: Inoue Toshiki (井上敏樹)
Director: Tasaki Ryuuta (田崎竜太)
Music: Haishima Kuniaki (蓜島邦明)
Cinematographer: Kurata Kouji (倉田幸治)
Editor: Osada Naoki (長田直樹)
Action Director: Miyazaki Takeshi (宮崎 剛)
(Japan Action Enterprise)
Tokusatsu Director: Butsuda Hiroshi (佛田 洋)
  • TV Asahi (テレビ朝日)
  • Toei (東映)
  • ADK (エーディーケー)


  • 02:35 - change the first “That” into “That’s”.
  • 03:53 - sponsor credits are cut.
  • 9:17 - Today is mentioned in the sentence twice.
  • 11:58 - it’s better with “I don’t like the plan”.


Kamen Rider Kabuto 18 Transcript


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