Okamoto Jirou

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岡元次郎 Okamoto Jirou

Birth Date: (1965-01-05) January 5, 1965 (age 59)
Height: 5 ft 10 in (180 cm)

Is Left-handed. A member of JAE

Notable Events

  • Holds a special meet and greet talk show every year, it's called Jiro Festival.
  • Part of the musical group J-Men.
  • Good friends with Kurata Tetsuo, Hagino Takashi, and Inada Tetsu.
  • His nickname is Jiro chan or big brother.
  • Has a daughter born around the year 2000.
  • Has gotten a nonalcoholic drink named after him at the Crystal Sky Bar.[1]

Suit Acting Work

Kamen Rider

Kamen Rider Movies

Super Sentai


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