Gamou Mitsuaki

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我望 光明 On the Blu-ray, his name is spelled Gamoh.

Also known as the Red Eyes Man.

Played by: Tsurumi Shingo 鶴見 辰吾

The school chairman of the board on Kamen Rider Fourze.


Gamou is very smart and wise but hides a deceptive side to him. He allows the students of Ama High more freedom of expression compared to most high school such as allowing students not wear the standard uniform of Ama High. This is really to cultivate the talents of the students so they would become a Horoscope one day. This evens extends to the Horoscopes as he allows Kijima and Yamato do their twisted activities which annoys Hayami to no end. He tolerates failures up to a point before having Virgo sending them to the Dark Nebula.


"Your script is... most unique. It's interesting. You may continue until you are satisfied."


Gamou Mitsuaki is the chairman of the board of Ama High. He used to be an astronaut and has ties with NASA and the Russian space program. Seventeen years ago, he was on the moon with Kengo's father. He was thought to be the one who destroyed most of the moonbase, taking off with a briefcase and leaving Kengo's father to die on the moon, but it was revealed that Emoto was the actual the one who did that. Using his connections and money from the various books he wrote such as "A Call from a Faraway Galaxy" and Foundation X, he built Ama High under the pretense to develop the future of space but it's really find candidates for Horoscopes. He commands the Horoscopes to find new candidates while making sure that outside influences don't affect his plans such as the police and Foundation X. He recently went to Kyoto to meet with Emoto to apologize for what they did to Kengo's father. They met with Kengo at the spot with they first met his father. He recently allow Hayami to stay with him a bit longer even though he constantly failed him time and time again but only due to him developing Laplace's Eye.

With Gemini and Pisces Zodiarts that need to be created, Gamou decides that Fourze and Meteor's use of simulating Horoscopes are no longer needed. He orders Emoto to eliminate them and their support and if necessary he will personally intervene as the Sagittarius Zodiarts. He figures out that Emoto betrays him and personally attacks Emoto with a fire arrow. Gamou is able to defeat both Cosmic States Fourze and Meteor Storm with ease before leaving.

Sagittarius Zodiarts

Previous Zodiarts: Unknown

Supernova: Unknown

As Sagittarius, Gamou is able to create fire arrows and even sucking up any surrounding fire to further power his attacks. He is strong enough to defeat both Cosmic States Fourze and Meteor Storm without too much trouble at all.

Gamou possess a couple of abilities that he uses outside of his Zodiarts form. He can hypnotize people like the police so they would ignore the Zodiarts attacks at Ama High. He also can give the ability of Supernova to Horoscopes that haven't achieved it yet. His eyes grow red from time to time.


  • Unlike the other Horoscopes, Gamou's name doesn't seem like have any connection with Sagittarius at all. This may change.