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They are the main enemy in Kamen Rider Fourze. They are human beings that use a Zodiarts Switch to transform a monster based on star constellations. There are two types of Zodiarts: ones based on actual constellations and ones based on the Zodiac. The ones based on the Zodiac are called Horoscopes and are much stronger than the typical Zodiarts. The Horoscopes are created from surpassing Last One which separates the human host from the Zodiarts body. If successful in becoming a Horoscope, the human host is remerged with the new Zodiarts form.

Orion Zodiarts

Switcher01.jpgMiura Toshiya 三浦 俊也

Played by: Mizuno Masanori 水野 真典

Miura Toshiya is a second year student and equipment manager of the American Football club at Ama High. He always wanted to play but Shun wouldn't allow him and forced him to be his own personal servant. That frustration lead him to becoming the Orion Zodiarts. He desired to destroy Shun and the school with his new-found power. Fourze took him to space and defeat him with Rider Rocket Space Drill Kick. After Miura recovered from his defeat, he refused to go to school because he would succumb to the power of the Switch again. It took the support of the Kamen Rider Club and his girlfriend, Yamamoto Mari, to overcome the desire for the Switch. Even though he was offered to join the Kamen Rider Club, he decides to join the photography club with his girlfriend.

Orion Zodiarts possess great strength and resistance while producing explosions from his stars. When going to Last One, he gains a club and shield.

Chameleon Zodiarts

Switcher02.jpgSakuma Tamae 佐久間 珠恵

Played by: Yoshikawa Maria 吉川 まりあ

Sakuma Tamae is a third year student and a member of the cheerleader club at Ama High. She was one of Miu's sidekicks who personally hated Miu for her run as Queen of Ama High. Tamae was given a Zodiarts Switch by Scorpion and became the Chameleon Zodiarts. With her power, she forced Hirota Reiko not to enter Queenfest along with two other girls. During her performance at Queenfest, Tamae pretend to be attacked by Chameleon so she could change and attack the remaining candidates. In case if her attack failed, she setup a hidden camera where Miu was badmouthing the student body and destroying their gifts. She personally attacked Miu a second time which she greatly injures Miu. Tamae thought she had Queenfest won but Miu returns and gives a strong speech that wins over the student body. She kidnaps Miu from the stage which Fourze fights her for one last time. Fourze defeats the Chameleon Zodiarts which Miu forgives Tamae and tells her to defeat her fairly.

Tamae makes a return appearance as former Zodiarts were coming back which Chameleon was one of the returning Zodiarts. She was going to ask Gentarou to prom but he accused her of being Chameleon again. Eventually the Kamen Rider Club figured out that Tamae hasn't become Chameleon but a hair copy from the Coma Zodiarts. She ends up going to prom with Jin.

Chameleon Zodiarts has the power to blend into its surroundings, climb walls, and a tongue that acts like a whip.

Unicorn Zodiarts

Switcher03.jpgNiita Fumihiro 新田 文博

Played by: Uji Kiyotaka 宇治 清高

Niita Fumihiro is a first year student and member of the fencing club at Ama High. He used to a friend of JK until he discovered that he used him to protect him from bullies especially the injuries he received made him unable to appear in a match. He got the perfect chance for revenge when Scorpion gave him a Zodiarts Switch. He constantly attack JK but Fourze kept getting in his way. Eventually he manages to capture JK and tells him if one of his friends shows up within an hour that he will release him. Niita was right about JK for the most part except Gentarou shows up even though JK betray him earlier and calling his idea of friendship foolish. He wasn't going to release JK regardless but ends up being defeated by Elec States. Gentarou tells Niita that he wish he met him sooner so he could stopped him.

Unicorn Zodiarts initially had no special attacks but was able to detach his horn and use it as a rapier. He even can shoot out energy horseshoes.

Hound Zodiarts

Switcher04.jpgSatake Teruhiko 佐竹 輝彦

Played by: Sato Ryuji 佐藤 流司

Satake Teruhiko is a first year student at Ama High. His father is a teacher at Ama High who prides himself of punishing students and putting them through hellish supplementary lessons. Even though he is an honors student, he acts like a delinquent outside of school mostly to rebel against his father. Scorpion gives him a Zodiarts Switch which transforms him into the Hound Zodiarts. As the Hound Zodiarts, he commits various crimes usually vandalizing and stealing chains. Teruhiko is defeated by the combination of Fourze and Shun piloting the Powerdizer.

Hound Zodiarts uses its claw and chain around its neck to fight. It also has the ability to fire needle energy bullets. When it achieve Last One, its hide became extremely hard to scratch.

Altar Zodiarts

Switcher05.jpgUsaka Ritsuko 鵜坂 律子

Played by: Kajiwara Hikari 梶原 ひかり

Usaka Ritsuko is a third year student at Ama High. Throughout her life, she was blamed for unusual events that occurred around her and seems to have similar psychic powers as Tomoko. Once Scorpion gave her a Zodiarts Switch, she started a coven of witches with other students including Tomoko. Ritsuko used her Zodiarts powers in the background to make believe that the other members had powers as well. Her witch coven managed to terrorize the student body with their acts of revenge. Ritsuko was planning to burn the school and ensnares the Kamen Rider Club to stop them from preventing her plans. Tomoko realizes that Ritsuko was wrong for what she was doing and takes her staff from her. As Tomoko was trying to keep the staff away from Ritsuko, the Kamen Rider Club got free and confront her. In the end, she was defeated by Fourze's Fire States.

Ritsuko made a return appearance as she was accused of being the Altar Zodiarts again. She was going to ask Gentarou to prom but when he said that he didn't believe her, she became angry at him. Tomoko was still her friend and believe her that she wasn't Altar. Ritsuko was proven innocence when the Kamen Rider Club discover that the Altar Zodiarts was actually a hair clone from the Coma Zodiarts. In the end, she went out with Ryuusei to prom which wasn't her first choice as she still wanted Gentarou but still happy with the choice.

Altar Zodiarts normally was supposed to have only telekinesis but with her obsession with the occult, she developed pyrokinetic powers as well. She also has a staff which she can use to fight directly or send out fireballs from it. With her telekinetic powers, she uses the medallions to give the other witches similar powers as her but at a lesser degree.

Pyris Zodiarts

Switcher06.jpgMakise Hiroki 牧瀬 弘樹

Played by: Shinohara Takafumi 篠原 孝文

Makise Hiroki is a second year student and president of the Astronomy Club at Ama High. He has an overbearing personality that makes people repelled away from him. Makise has a deep infatuation with Yuuki due to her having the same interest in the stars but eventually despises her for rejecting him. He planned to get revenge on her by helping her find the locker that was the key to the Rabbit Hutch and destroy it in front of her. He was successful in the plan but in actually it was a fake locker which neither party knew at the time. Makise decided to get rid of every girl (except Yuuki) who rejected him by driving a bus off a broken bridge. His plan was a failure due to Powerdizer stopping the bus and eventually Fourze defeating him with a combination of Stealth and Elec States. Makise was punished for his actions by the other girls.

Pyris Zodiarts has the ability to move things and people the way he wants with his horns on his arms. They also act as dowsing rods to locate objects. His combat ability is rather limited due to Makise's personality.

Perseus Zodiarts

Switcher07.jpgMotoyama Soushi 元山 惣帥

Played by: Akimoto Ryutarou 秋元 龍太朗

Motoyama Soshi is a second year student and president of the Art Club at Ama High. His quest of perfection of an art piece for a kindergarten made him suitable for a Zodiarts Switch. Motoyama used the power to petrify everything that would disrupt his concentration. He was initially defeated by Fire States but was able to surpass Last One. Gentarou was able to reach Motoyama's human side even though he was still under the influence of the Switch by showing him even though Gentarou's drawing is bad, his feelings show through regardless. Motoyama realized that his quest of perfection for him only and forgot about the people the drawing was for. This realization made Libra angry since it stop any chance of Perseus becoming a Horoscope and turn him into a berserker as punishment. With the help of Meteor and the Pen Switch, Fourze was able to defeat the berserk Motoyama. Motoyama ends up starting anew with his drawing for the kindergarten afterwards.

Perseus Zodiarts has the ability to petrify things through touch via the Medusa head on his left hand. After surpassing Last One, he was able to fire beams from the Medusa head which causes the same petrification effect. He also carries a sword which he charged up for a powerful attack.

Canis Minor Zodiarts

SwitcherH01.jpgSonoda Sarina 園田 紗里奈

Played by: Konan Yuka 虎南 有香

Sonoda was a student at Ama High when she used the Switch given by Libra to become the Canis Minor Zodiarts. She later surpassed Last One and evolved into the Scorpion Zodiarts. Her abilities as Canis Minor are unknown since it was only shown once as a flashback.

Lynx Zodiarts

Switcher08.jpgNonomura Kimio 野々村 公夫

Played by: Yamazaki Shohei 山崎 将平

Nonomura Kimio is a second year student who views himself as Kengo's rival and studies all the time to best him. When Libra gives him a Zodiarts Switch, he decides that physically eliminating the competition is a better idea. He initially attacks Kengo but was stopped by Fourze. When Gentarou discovers that Nonomura is Lynx and confronts him with it, he takes JK hostage so Gentarou couldn't attack him. JK was saved by Meteor and was defeated by him but that allow him to surpass Last One. Libra tells him that he can evolve into a Horoscope if he destroys everything he doesn't like. Nonomura attacks the school with Dustards but is confronted by Fourze. He was defeated by Fourze with Rider Lightning Drill Kick.

Lynx Zodiarts process great speed and agility which makes his claws even more damaging.

Dragon Zodiarts

Switcher09.jpgNomoto Jin 野本 仁

Played by: Ando Ryu 安藤 龍

Nomoto Jin is a third year student and captain of the track and field club at Ama High. He rules over the club with his harsh rule of no outside help and cannot date. Libra gives him a Zodiarts Switch and was asked to defeat both Fourze and Meteor. He seemed to be the perfect choice as he overpowered the both of them in multiple encounters. Jin tries to figure out Meteor's identity by thinking it was Kengo at first but later thought it was Shun. Eventually Jin reveals himself as Dragon he fights with Rumi because she got better without his help. He was defeated by Fourze with Magnet States.

Jin makes a return appearance as he was being accused of being the Dragon Zodiarts once again. He was proven innocent when the Kamen Rider Club discovered that the Dragon Zodiarts was actually a hair clone of the Coma Zodiarts. He ends up going to prom with Tamae due to Gentarou's insistence.

Dragon Zodiarts has the strength of a Horoscope with his great strength and incredible resistance to normal attacks which also includes electricity and fire. He is able to redirect electrical and heat energy that makes contact with him and able to produce metal shotputs to throw at the enemy.

Pegasus Zodiarts

Switcher10.jpgKijima Natsuji 鬼島 夏児

Played by: Tamoto Soran タモト 清嵐

Kijima Natsuji is a second year student and president of the Rakugo Research Club at Ama High. He finds a Zodiarts Switch which was previously dropped by Libra during an encounter with Fourze. He becomes the Pegasus Zodiart and fights athletes while imimating Utuski Haruka since she took his fan after hitting her with it. After being defeated by Fourze, Virgo bought his body so he could evolve into the Cancer Zodiarts.

Pegasus Zodiarts' main strength comes from its kicks since it is based off a horse. It can fire energy horseshoes from its feet. Even though Pegasus was a horse with wings, the Zodiarts apparently can't fly or chose not to.

Cygnus Zodiarts

Switcher11.jpgEguchi Norio 江口 規夫

Played by: Nagashima Shugo 永嶋 柊吾

Eguchi Norio is a student at Ama High who wants to be a hero even since seeing Fourze fighting the Lynx Zodiarts but tends to run away when danger is nearby. Libra gives him a Zodiarts Switch when he first activated the Switch, Norio developed a second personality called Kyknos. While under this second personality, he performs heroic acts but attacks anyone who mocks him and willing to use human shields.

Eventually an entire club was devoted to him called the Ugly Duckling Society with former member of the ballet club, Toriizaki Misa, is the president. They were unaware that Norio was actually Kyknos and even dock him points for his cowardly actions. When Fourze initially encounters Kyknos, he tries to be his friend which even Kyknos helps him with battling Cancer. During the second encounter, Kyknos used Tomoko as a shield against Meteor which made Fourze attack him and revealing his goal that he wants to be the only hero of Ama High. Eventually Norio became afraid of his Kyknos personality and even had a fake fight with him which was how the Kamen Rider Club figured out Kyknos's identity. The Kamen Rider Club came up with a plan to allow Norio to be a hero without relying on Kyknos. They were successful in their attempt but Cancer found him and took him to the Ugly Duckling Society. They forced him to press the Switch in its Last One state which allow the Kyknos personality to become the primary one. The Cygnus Zodiarts was defeated by Meteor who wanted revenge for his previous defeat. Norio's original personality was restored and now dressed as Fourze, he does good deeds.

Cygnus Zodiarts possess great combat ability and could use feathers as deadly projectiles.

Coma Zodiarts

Switcher12.jpgTokuda Yayoi 徳田 弥生

Played by: Suzuki Kasumi 鈴木 かすみ

Tokuda Yayoi is a third year student and member of the journalism club at Ama High. She has only eyes for scoops but secretly does not want her high school life to end. When she was given a Zodiarts Switch by Cancer, she used its power to create clones of Chameleon, Altar, and Dragon Zodiarts so the graduation ceremony and prom would be cancelled. Tokuda didn't count on that the school would move forward regardless of the Zodiarts' attacks so tries to destroy both graduation and prom herself. Eventually she was defeated by Magnet States and Powerdizer.

Coma Zodiarts has the ability to create clones of Zodiarts with her hair. She also can use her hair as tentacles.

Musca Zodiarts

Switcher13.jpgKusao Haru 草尾 ハル

Form 2
Final Form

Played by: Araki Jigen 荒木 次元

Kusao Haru is a first year student at Ama High. During middle school, he was on the swim team and was secretly bullied by the members except for his friend, Kuroki Ran. She was the one that got Haru on the swim team and thus was hated by the other members because she was a great swimmer. The events that occurred there led to Ran distrusting upper classmates.

Haru is rather weak willed and is constantly protected by Ran. This feeling of weakness made him an ideal candidate for a Zodiarts Switch. Libra gives him a Switch and transforms him into the Musca Zodiarts. Initially his strength wasn't great and was almost beaten by Fourze and Meteor in the first encounter. His desire to protect Ran enable him to change his form. He was almost beaten a second time by Fourze but Ran became a human shield for him. Out of anger for what Ran did, Haru threw away his friendship key chain. At that point, he became corrupted by the power of the Zodiarts Switch. He reached Last One when Ran was arguing with Oosugi and changed his form again. Before he was defeated by Fourze, Ran managed to restore his mind by realizing that he didn't want to be protected by her anymore and promised not to protect him anymore. Afterwards, both Haru and Ran became provisionary members of the Kamen Rider Club.

Musca Zodiarts has great jumping ability and able to spit out mucus that can bind opponents. He gains two other forms as he became more corrupted by the Zodiarts Switch. The second form creates green spiked gauntlets on his arms and legs along with the ability to split into a bunch of flies which he couldn't control. The third form was achieved by the Last One Switch. In this form, he gains wings and green spiky shoulder pads. His eyes are also green and can control his ability to split into flies.

Lepus Zodiarts

SwitcherH04.jpgYamada Tatsumori 山田 竜守

Played by: Kawahara Kazuma 川原 一馬

Before becoming an exchange student, Yamada was a second year student at Ama High and member of the drama club. He got a Zodiarts Switch that allows him to become the Lepus Zodiarts. Once he became the exchange student to Subaruboshi High, activating the Switch allow him to evolve to the Aries Zodiarts. The Zodiarts was shown in a flashback and thus his abilities are completely unknown.

Lyra Zodiarts

SwitcherH06.jpgGotou Toujirou 五藤 東次郎

Played by Kawamura Ryousuke 川村 亮介

This Zodiarts was referred by name only as Libra used his Laplace Eye to find Horoscope candidates. It was the form that gave birth to the Capricorn Zodiarts.


Twelve Zodiac Apostles

The lead villains on Kamen Rider Fourze.

The apostles are the commanders of the Horoscopes. They are the evolved versions of the Zodiarts. They are effectively equals to each other, despite whatever ranking they had as a regular Zodiarts. However, they are all subordinate to the Red Eyed Man.

When a Zodiarts evolves into an apostle, their brightest star must shine. After a certain point, the Zodiarts will recombine with the comatose body and they will take on a new form, based on one of the Zodiac constellations.

In addition to their special abilities, the twelve apostles have special powers called Supernova. This ability is different depending on the particular apostle. Gamou can confer this ability if he desires, or an apostle can develop it on his or her own.

Apostles can create Dustards, ninjalike servants created from star dust.

Failure to serve Gamou results in being sent to the Dark Nebula or having their memories erased by Virgo.

Played by Tsurumi Shingo (鶴見 辰吾)
Played by Konan Yuka (虎南 有香), Voiced by Takemoto Eiji (竹本 英史)
Played by Amano Kousei (天野 浩成)
Played by Yamagisa Hajime (山崎一), Voiced by Tanaka Rie (田中 理恵 )
Played by Yokoyama Kazutoshi (横山一敏) (Suit too)
Played by Tamoto Soran タモト 清嵐
Played by Kawahara Kazuma 川原 一馬
Played by Kawamura Ryousuke (川村 亮介)
Played by Karen Takizawa 滝沢カレン
Played by Itogi Kenta 絲木建太
Voiced by Konno Hiromi 今野宏美
Played by Honoka Rin ほのか りん

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