Kyouryuuger Brave 45

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Brave 45
No way, Dad! Silver's end
ZyuDen Sentai Kyouryuuger episode
Writer Sanjou Riku
Director Katou Hiroyuki
Original air date January 19, 2014 (2014-01-19)
Viewership 2.8%
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Episode chronology
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Brave 44
Grinning Chaos! Countdown to Destruction
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Brave 46
A Big Duel! A blow of love and tears
Episode List
ZyuDen Sentai Kyouryuuger
< Brave 44 No way, Dad! Silver's end
Brave 46 >
Aired with Kamen Rider Gaim 14
<< Kyouryuuger VS Go-Busters

Important things that happened[edit]

Deboss Army[edit]

Transcendent Butterfly God Deboss[edit]

Chouzetsu Shin Deboss 蝶絶神デーボス

Voiced by: Ookawa Tooru (大川透)
Height: 214cm (In giant form: 53.5m)
Weight: 184kg (In giant form: 467.5t)
Emotion: N/A
成分: 昆虫、恐竜、根城、人間の感情、最新進化、など
Composition: デーボステッキ、デーボストール、闇時計
  • Deboss' ultimate form. Using human emotion, he has evolved this form to match humans. (Just as his previous form was evolved to match the dinosaurs.)
  • His title normally would just mean Transcendent God, but the first kanji was replaced with the one that means "Butterfly". There is a butterfly design through his body.

New Chevalier of Sadness Icerondo[edit]


Voiced by: Takeuchi Ryota
Height: 205cm (In giant form: 51.3m)
Weight: 175kg (In giant form: 437.5t)
Emotion: 哀しみ
成分: 哀しみ、涙あふれるドームアイ、上回るアーマー、よせつけないメタルボディなど
Composition: ガクブル楽譜、ぜつぼうしきぼう
  • Started off as a man in a black cape. Eventually he forms the Deboss sorrow mask on his face, before he reveals his true form.
  • He's first seen in the episode where he tries to kidnap Souji's father.
  • A rondo is a musical refrain.

New Chevalier of Joy Killbolero[edit]


Voiced by: Suyama Akio (陶山章央)
Height: 204cm (In giant form: 51.0m)
Weight: 178kg (In giant form: 445.0t)
Emotion: 喜び
成分: 喜び、ウキャウキャ管楽器、ドカドカ頭お花畑、お祝いブラスバンド、など
Composition: アッパラッパー
  • Started off as a man in a white cape. Eventually he forms the Deboss joy mask on his face, before he reveals his true form.
  • From wikipedia "Bolero is a genre of slow-tempo Latin music and its associated dance."






  • We learn that Torin's sword is named Feather Edge when he gives it to Souji. This makes sense, since Souji learned Torin's sword technique in previous episodes.
  • Normally, Deboss' title Chouzetsu Shin would mean "Transcendent God". But the Chou kanji was replaced with the kanji from chouchou/butterfly. So it becomes Transcendent Butterfly God. Plus Deboss in this form has a butterfly motif.
  • When Killbolero is introduced, he makes the sound "Rappapou" which is the Japanese way of representing trumpet sounds.


  • Torin - "Because youth is the potential of the future."


  • Since Luckyuro was fired in the previous episode, he ran away from Frozen Castle in this one. This explains why Candelira isn't in the episode, since she went after him.

Nossan's Puns[edit]


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