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37th Super Sentai Series
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Concurrent airing: Hikounin Sentai AkibaRanger 2


A fictional organization serve as the antagonist of the series, ZyuDen Sentai Kyouryuuger.

An alien race created from the cells of their leader Deboss, the Deboss Army invades Earth in the past to to wipe out the dominant life form: the dinosaurs. However, the Deboss Army were finally defeated and sealed in ice by the ZyuDenRyu after centuries of a long, bloody battle. Having broken free in the present era, they aim to harvest the emotional energy of humans to fully thaw their creator Deboss and herald a new mass extinction. The Deboss Army is based in the Frozen Castle (氷結城) on the Arctic seabed.

The commanders in the Deboss Army appear to take their names and theme from the word KiDoAiRaku which means "The spectrum of human emotions". The kanji for that word is 喜怒哀楽 which is the first kanji in their titles, each kanji meaning Joy, Fury, Sorrow, and Enjoyment respectively. Also the sound forms their names. Ki in Kya/Ca, Do, Ai, and Raku becomes Luck.

Dark Species Deboss[edit]


The plant-like creator of the Deboss Army, alternatively referred to as the "Planetary Illness" (星の病), who is still frozen from their first invasion. His thawing is the current objective of the Deboss Army.

Hundred-Faced Priest Chaos[edit]


Voiced by Sugou Takayuki (菅生隆之)
People have noted that Chaos appears to resemble the Statue of Liberty.

Chevalier of Joy Candelira[edit]


Voiced by Tomatsu Haruka (戸松 遥)
Name is possibly a combination of Ki for joy, Lira, and maybe Candy.
Character design motif is hearts.

Chevalier of Fury Dogold[edit]


Voiced by Tsuruoka Satoshi (鶴岡 聡)
Name is possibly a combination of Do/Anger, gold, and Doru/dollars.
Looks like an oni with nuclear signs on his body.

Chevalier of Sorrow Aigallon[edit]


Voiced by Mizushima Yuu (水島 裕)
Name is possibly a combination of Ai/sorrow, and gallon, the unit of tears that he sheds. Eyegallon is another possible variation on the name, since he appears to have eyes all over his body, and it would fit his crying motif.
On his back there's a spade symbol. Embedded in that symbol is what appears to be a folded in clockwork key.
Motif is an umbrella?

Emissary of Enjoyment Luckyuro[edit]


Voiced by Orikasa Ai (折笠 愛)
Name is possibly a combination of Raku/enjoyment, Luck, and Euro.
Has the body of a patchwork figure.
Possesses items to make monsters big (and small).
  • The Quick Quick Joyuro スクスクジョイロ - A watering with Restoration Water that makes monsters group big.
  • Quiet Quiet Ball シュクシュクボール - Absorbs the water, making a monster small again.

Chevalier of Resentment Endolf[edit]


Created by Chaos for the Deboss Army in order to further evolution of Deboss.



Foot soldiers of the Deboss Army
From the Japanese word for Zourimushi, a species of unicellular organisms, and ma/demon. Going along with the money theme, the symbol on their chest looks like the cents ¢ symbol flipped around. Along the middle are the three masks of emotions. The only sound they make are "nuru nuru" sounds. Nurunuru in Japanese means "slimy, wet".

They can combine to form giant monsters.



Chaos' right-hand knight.
The upgrade to the standard Zourima?
When he talks, he says nuru ヌル at the end, which is the only thing the Zourima can say.
Name comes from the Cambrian period (カンブリア紀).
Created from all three of the knights' towers, the Cambrima are armed with CamBlades (カンブレード) that can become a kanabou-like weapon by Restoration Water. Though 100 times stronger than the Zorima, the Cambrima are subjected as Dogold's vessels as they have a month-long lifespan.

Debo Monsters[edit]

Debo Hyougakki デーボ・ヒョーガッキ (Brave 01)

Voice Actor: Nomura Kenji

Debo Peshango デーボ・ペシャンゴ (Brave 02)

Voice Actor: Ishino Ryuuzou

Debo Rouyarouya デーボ・ローヤローヤ (Brave 03)

Voice Actor: Nagasako Takashi

Debo Doronboss デーボ・ドロンボス (Brave 04)

Voice Actor: Shiratori Tetsu

Debo Batissier デーボ・バティシエ (Brave 05)

Voice Actor: Matsuno Taiki

Debo Virusun デーボ・ウイルスン(Brave 06)

Voice Actor: Takemoto Eiji

Debo Yakigonte デーボ・ヤキゴンテ (Brave 07)

Voice Actor: Miyake Kenta

Debo Kokodouko デーボ・ココドーコ (Brave 08)

Voice Actor: Toriumi Kousuke

Cambrima カンブリ魔 (Brave 09, 10)

Voice Actor: Matsuda Kenichirou

Debo Honenukkii デーボ・ホネヌッキー (Brave 11)

Voice Actor: Kuroda Takaya


  • In the show, they spell Deboss as Deboth. This can be seen on Luckyuro's textbook in Brave 14.
  • A number of themes are associated with the commanders in Deboss.
    • The first parts of their name spell KiDoAiRaku which is Japanese for "the range of human emotions (joy, anger, pathos, and humor)". Plus the kanji for that 喜怒哀楽 are basically those four emotions in that order.
    • The character designs seem to be inspired by the Wizard of Oz. Candelira is based on Dorothy, Dogold is a lion, Aigallon is the weeping Tinman, and Luckyuro is a scarecrow.
    • There's also a picture of the four commanders being associated with the suits from a deck of cards. Candelira is heart, obviously. Dogold clover, Aigallon is a spade (head looks like a spade, at least), and Luckyuro a diamond. This theming might be less supported than the rest.

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