Kyouryuuger Brave 41

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Brave 41
Yanasanta! Deboss World Battle
ZyuDen Sentai Kyouryuuger episode
Writer Sanjou Riku
Director Takemoto Noboru
Original air date December 15, 2013 (2013-12-15)
Viewership 3.8%
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Brave 40
Good and Cool! It's Tough Being an Old Man
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Wonderful! Christmas of Justice
Episode List
ZyuDen Sentai Kyouryuuger
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Brave 42 >
Aired with Kamen Rider Gaim 10

Important things that happened[edit]

Deboss Army[edit]

Debo Yanasanta[edit]

Debo Yanasanta.jpg

Voiced by: Cho (チョー)
Height: 209cm (In giant form: 52.3m)
Weight: 173kg (In giant form: 432.5t)
Emotion: 怒り…実は、怨み
成分: サンタクロース、煙突、クリスマス飾り、靴下、など
Composition: ロケットブースターキー、メリークリスマッシャー、キャンドルビーム
  • AKA Bad Santa
  • There're five of these brothers (so that they can deliver presents all over the world.) They have numbers on their forehead.
  • They can combine to become more powerful.
  • Attacks
Merry Chri-smash
Candle Beam



  • Yayoi Ulshade / KyouryuuViolet - Iitoyo Marie 弥生ウルシェード/キョウリュウバイオレット(声) - 飯豊まりえ
  • KyouryuuCyan - Robert Baldwin キョウリュウシアン - ロバート・ボールドウィン
  • KyouryuuGray - Deai Masayuki キョウリュウグレー - 出合正幸




  • Deboss attacking Hawaii from the waterfront is similar to the Godzilla trope, which was recently used in the American movie Pacific Rim.
  • Cho, the voice of Yanasanta, also voiced Hone no Shitari from Shinkenger. Shinkenger's Blu-ray CM also first appeared in this week's episode.


  • Luckyuro's love of Love Touch appears again. He asks Santa for the latest volume, but gets volume 4 from last year instead.

Nossan's Puns[edit]


Kyouryuuger Brave 41 Transcript