Kyouryuuger Brave 02

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Brave 02
GABURINCHO! A snapping combination
ZyuDen Sentai Kyouryuuger episode
Writer Sanjou Riku
Director Sakamoto Koichi
Original air date February 24, 2013 (2013-02-24)
Viewership 4.0%
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Episode chronology
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Brave 01
He's here! The Red King
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Brave 03
It's gonna get wild! The Slashing Brave
Episode List
ZyuDen Sentai Kyouryuuger
< Brave 01 GABURINCHO! A snapping combination
Brave 03 >
Aired with Kamen Rider Wizard 24

Important things that happened[edit]

  • We learn about Amy and Nobuhara's families.
  • KyouryuuPink and KyouryuuBlue's identities are finally revealed to Daigo.
  • Nobuhara realizes that his family isn't his weakness, but rather the source of his power.

Deboss Army[edit]

Debo Peshango[edit]

Debo Peshango.jpeg

Voice by: Ishino Ryuuzou (石野竜三)
Height: 220cm (In giant form: 55.0m)
Weight: 179kg (In giant form: 447.5t)
Emotion: Sorrow
Composed of: Scrap Car (スクラップカー)、 Fork Claw (フォーククロー)、 Fly Swatter (ハエ叩き)、 Rammer (ランマー)
Attack: Peshan Beam (ペシャン光線)
  • Name comes from "Peshanko" (ぺしゃんこ), which means "squashed/crushed flat/flatten".




ZyuDenRyuu 03main.png

A blue Stegosaurus. Forms an arm and a shield.


ZyuDenRyuu 05main.png

A pink Triceratops. Name comes from Drill and Triceratops. Becomes a drill arm.


ZyuDenRyuu Combination01main.png

A snapping combination of Gabutyra, Stegotchi and Dricera.

Attacks Used[edit]

  • Red
    • ZyuDen Brave Slash (With the Gabutyra ZyuDenChi)
    • ZyuDen Brave Finish
    • Gabutyra Fang
    • Gabutyra Rock Burst Punch
  • GaburuCannon
    • ZyuDen Brave Slash (With the Stegotchi ZyuDenChi)
  • Green
    • Zakutor Slasher ザクトルスラッシャー
  • Black
    • Parasa Shot パラサショット!
  • Pink
    • Dricera Lance ドリケランス!
  • Blue
    • Stegotchi Shield! ステゴッチシールド!



  • Apparently blue stays at a place called Jack-of-all-trades Marufuku. Apparently Fukui Yuuko is his little sister.
  • This is the second year in a role where Kinoshita Ayumi plays a little sister in a toku role. This is also one of her first roles after getting married last December. The role of being a widow. Yikes!
    • While Ayumi has played many different roles in toku, this is her first regular Sentai role since her debut as Jasmine in DekaRanger. The gap of eight years is one more than Matsumoto Hiroyo's with his gap between MagiRanger and Go-Busters.
  • In the cockpit, the English spells KyouryuuJin as KyoryuZin. This is a bit of a strange choice since the homage to ZyuRangers was fairly consistent with Zyu replacing Jyu/Animal. In this case, Zin is replacing Jin, which probably means Man since KyouryuuJin is the result of humans and dinosaurs combining.
  • The cockpit of KyouryuuJin doesn't have standard controls. They control the mecha with motion control. This leads to weird moments like the one where Pink does a kick, which KyouryuuJin does not end up doing.
  • They fight in front of the Yamato Technology Museum. 大和科学博物館


  • 16:08, the gun is shouting Stegotchi, not Dricera


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