Kyouryuuger Brave 38

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Brave 38
Love Touch! Gorgeous Zourima
ZyuDen Sentai Kyouryuuger episode
Writer Sanjou Riku
Director Kato Hiroyuki
Action Director Fukuzawa Hirofumi
Original air date November 24, 2013 (2013-11-24)
Viewership 4.1%
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Episode chronology
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Brave 37
Revenge! Deboss Army Ghosts
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Episode List
ZyuDen Sentai Kyouryuuger
< Brave 37 Love Touch! Gorgeous Zourima
Brave 39 >
Aired with Kamen Rider Gaim 07

Important things that happened

Deboss Army

Beautiful Zourima

Zourima (Beauty).jpg

Voiced by: Unknown
Height: 192cm (In giant form: 48.0m)
Weight: 125kg (In giant form: 312.5t)
Emotion: N/A
成分: ゾーリ魔、美、など
Composition: ヌル塗るブラシ
  • A regular Zourima who powers up thanks to energy that he receives from Candelira and Aigallon. After his transformation, he can speak in full sentences, but ends them with nyurun ニュルン. His nuru are reserved for when he paints people, since that's what it means in Japanese by itself.


  • Tsukouchi Shinya (Double role) - Deai Masayuki 津古内真也 - 出合正幸


  • Tessai / KyouryuuGray - Deai Masayuki 鉄砕 / キョウリュウグレー - 出合正幸




  • The Zourima's sound that they make instead of talking is "nurunuru". In this episode, the Zourima says it while adding bad makeup to women. Nuru is Japanese for "to paint, to cover over".
  • The Full Makeup scene is a parody of Sailor Moon who shouts Make Up when she transforms. The pink ribbons are also a part of the transformation.

Recurring Elements

  • Shinya hands Amy a copy of "Love be Ball Touchdown" by Aoyagi Yuu (青柳ゆう) volume 1. This manga has appeared several time in the series already. Amy shortens the name to "Love Touch".
    • The title is probably more likely to be Loveby Ball Touchdown, since it's a pun on Rugby and the way Rugby (ragubii) and Love (rabu) are pronounced in Japanese.
  • The sick patient is revealed to be Luckyuro, who has also been shown to be a big fan throughout the series.

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