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G's Transformation

January 31, 2009

Aired on the show SmaSTATION!! Presents SMAPがんばりますっ!! A joint work with Toei to create an original Kamen Rider. A version of it with commentary by the guests exist. There is also a version with the show by itself.

Uses music soundtracks from Kamen Rider 555 and Kamen Rider Kabuto. G's bike was the Hurricane used in Kamen Rider THE NEXT.


Gorou 吾郎 / Kamen Rider G 仮面ライダーG

Portrayed by Inagaki Gorou (SMAP)
Once a sommelier, three years ago Shade took him and brainwashed him. They turned him into a modified human. His code name is Number 5 (Five is "go" in Japanese).

Hinata Eri 日向 惠理

Portrayed by Shaku Yumiko
Gorou's girlfriend and a chef. Was on the TV Asahi broadcast when Shade attacked.

Oda Daidou 織田 大道 / フィロキセラワーム

Portrayed by Kamiji Yuusuke 上地雄輔
The Worm he turns into appeared before it did on Decade.

Tokugawa Seizan 徳川 清山

Portrayed by Aikawa Show
Shade's creator.

Shadow Combatants シェード隊員 / アキャリナワーム、サブストワーム、ブラキペルマワーム ビリディス、コキリアワーム

Portrayed by Karahashi Mitsuru 唐橋充 and Matsuda Kenji 松田賢二


Portrayed by Ooshita Youko 大下容子 (TV Asahi Announcer)


Portrayed by Yokoyama Kazutoshi 横山一敏

Man who falls from the terrace

Portrayed by Eitoku 永徳

10 Heisei Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Decade's voice Inoue Masahiro
Kamen Rider Decade suit actor Takaiwa Seiji
Kamen Rider Kuuga and Ryuki's voice Murai Ryouta


Portrayed by Takahashi Hikaru 高橋光, 中島芙美枝、幸城まなみ、Fujita Satoshi 藤田慧

Man going under modification surgery - Murakami Kohei

?Filokisera Worm フィロキセラワーム(声) - Shiono Katsumi 塩野勝美

Fikirosera Worm フィキロセラワーム - Okamoto Jirou (Suit Actor)

Worm - Itou Norihiko 伊藤教人 (Suit Actor)

Narration - Nagai Ichirou 永井一郎

Kamen Rider G

Suit Actor: Watanabe Jun 渡辺淳

When Gorou draws a "G" in the air, he shouts "My vintage is luxurious! Henshin!" Then he puts his personal bottle into his belt buckle and transforms. The last modified human Kamen Rider since Kamen Rider Black RX. He can remove his helmet like The First and The Next.

His finisher is a jump and spinning kick called Swirling Rider Kick スワリング・ライダーキック.

Personal Items

Henshin Belt

It's a wine opener.

Wine Bottle

The label says "GORO" on it. Says it was made in 1973.

Sword The G on his chest can be taken out to make a G-shaped sword. Designed like a sommelier knife and a corkscrew.

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