Kamen Rider Kiva the Movie: King of Hell's Castle

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Kamen Rider Kiva the Movie: King of Hell's Castle
劇場版 仮面ライダーキバ 魔界城の王
KivaMovie Blu-ray.jpg
Director Tasaki Ryuuta
Writer Inoue Toshiki
Composer Saito Tsuneyoshi
Studio Toei
Distributor Toei Video (Retail)
Release date(s)
Running time 71 minutes
Gross revenue 910 million yen
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Kamen Rider Kiva
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The Kamen Rider Kiva summer movie.

Double featured with Engine Sentai Go-Onger BunBun! BangBang! Movie Bang!!.


Challenge the ancient king ff Battle in the air.


  • The Legendorga are released from their seals and begin their quest to take over the world.
  • Wataru uses a door in Castle Doran to travel to the year of 1986.
  • Otoya and Yuri arrive at this year and provide support to stop the Legendorga's quest.
  • Shiramine Takato is actually in league with the Legendorga.
  • Wataru meets his father, Kurenai Otoya while he tries to prevent the main source of the chaos from happening.
  • Inmate Sugimura Takashi finds himself the ancient ruins and becomes the host of Kamen Rider Arc.
  • Otoya acknowledges Wataru is his future son.

Kamen Riders[edit]

Kamen Rider Rey (仮面ライダーレイ)
  • Blizzard Mist (ブリザードミスト)
    • An attack fired from Reykivat that freezes the enemy.
  • Blizzard Claw Execution ブリザードクロー・エクスキュージョン
    • An attack that uses his Gigantic Claws to rapidly slash his opponent.
Kamen Rider Arc (仮面ライダーアーク)
Height:320cm / Weight:350kg / Punch:25t / Kick:60t / Running Force:100m per 2s / Jump Force:∞
Legend Arc (レジェンドアーク )
  • Ultima Deadend (ウルティマデッドエンド)
    • A giant beam fired from the Moon Eye.


Antlion Fangire (アントライオンファンガイア)
Zebra Fangire (ゼブラファンガイア)

Legendorga Tribe[edit]


Mummy Legendorga (マミーレジェンドルガ)
Medusa Legendorga (メデューサレジェンドルガ)
Mandrake Legendorga (マンドレイクレジェンドルガ)
Gargoyle Legendorga (ガーゴイルレジェンドルガ)

Fuestle Used[edit]

  • Buroon Booster
  • Tatsulot
  • IXA Knuckle Rise Up
  • Wake Up
  • Wake Up


  • Kurenai Wataru / Kamen Rider Kiva - Seto Koji 紅渡 / 仮面ライダーキバ - 瀬戸康史
  • Kurenai Otoya / Kamen Rider IXA - Takeda Kouhei 紅音也 / 仮面ライダーイクサ - 武田航平
  • Nago Keisuke / Kamen Rider IXA - Kato Keisuke 名護啓介 / 仮面ライダーイクサ - 加藤慶祐
  • Asou Megumi / Kamen Rider IXA - Yanagisawa Nana 麻生恵 / 仮面ライダーイクサ - 柳沢なな
  • Asou Yuri / Kamen Rider IXA - Takahashi Yu 麻生ゆり / 仮面ライダーイクサ - 高橋優
  • Shima Mamoru - Kanayama Kazuhiko 嶋護 - 金山一彦
  • Eritate Kengo - Kumai Kouhei 襟立健吾 - 熊井幸平
  • Nomura Shizuka - Koike Rina 野村静香 - 小池里奈
  • Jirou / Garuru - Matsuda Kenji 次狼 / ガルル - 松田賢二
  • Riki / Dogga - Takigawa Eiji 力 / ドッガ - 滝川英治
  • Ramon / Basshaa - Ogoe Yuuki ラモン / バッシャー - 小越勇輝
  • Shiramine Takato / Kamen Rider Rey - Yamamoto Shouma 白峰天斗 / 仮面ライダーレイ - 山本匠馬
  • Sugimura Takashi / Kamen Rider Arc - Horiuchi Ken 杉村隆 / 仮面ライダーアーク - 堀内健
  • Tsukue Natsuki - Okamoto Rei 机なつき - 岡本玲
  • Sakakibara Towa (Tsukue Natsumi) - Anzu Sayuri 榊原とわ (机なつみ) - 杏さゆり
  • Sayaka - Gal Sone サヤカ - ギャル曽根
  • Kido Akira - Kinoshita Houka 木戸明 - 木下ほうか


  • Prison Guard Sanjou / Zebra Fangire - Seki Toshihiko 三条刑務官 / ゼブラファンガイア - 関俊彦
  • Shogi Club Member - Yusa Koji 将棋部員 - 遊佐浩二
  • Teacher - Terasoma Masaki 教師 - てらそままさき
  • Soccer Club Member - Suzumura Kenichi サッカー部員 - 鈴村健一
  • Female cop - Akiyama Rina 婦人警官 - 秋山莉奈
  • Cop - Ueno Ryou 警官 - 上野亮
  • Prison guard - Oshikawa Yoshifumi 刑務官 - 押川善文

Voice Actors[edit]

  • Kivat Bat III - Sugita Tomokazu キバットバットIII世 - 杉田智和
  • Tatsulot - Ishida Akira 魔皇竜タツロット - 石田彰
  • Reykivat, Arckivat/Mechakivat - Wakamoto Norio レイキバット、アークキバット/メカキバット - 若本規夫
  • Mummy Legendorga - Ookawa Tooru マミーレジェンドルガ - 大川透
  • Medusa Legendorga - Shinohara Emi メドゥーサレジェンドルガ - 篠原恵美
  • Gargoyle Legendorga - Fujita Yoshinori ガーゴイルレジェンドルガ - 藤田圭宣

Stunt Actors[edit]

  • Kamen Rider Kiva - Takaiwa Seiji 仮面ライダーキバ - 高岩成二
  • Kamen Rider IXA - Okamoto Jirou 仮面ライダーイクサ - 岡元次郎
  • Kamen Rider Rey - Eitoku 仮面ライダーレイ - 永徳
  • Kamen Rider Arc - Niibori Kazuo 仮面ライダーアーク - 新堀和男

Song Used[edit]

Circle of Life
Lyrics: Fujibayashi Shoko
Composer: Saito Tsuneyoshi, Naruse Shuhei
Arranger: Naruse Shuhei
Singer: Aikawa Nanase (Crimson-FANG)


  • For some reason, the members of Wonderful Aozora Association have already learned that Wataru is Kiva.
  • Wataru somehow has already known that Castle Doran has the ability to allow him travel to the year of 1986.
    • Wataru even learns the existence of Jirou, Ramon, and Riki while he treats them as strangers in the TV series.
  • The movie foreshadows that humans cannot use a Kiva related Rider System.
  • The movie features Kiva Emperor's alternate form, flight style, before the form is used in the TV series.
  • Features many cameos from Den-O, including Naomi and Miura's actors, as well as the Imagin's voice actors. Momotaros' voice actor even says an "Ore sanjou" joke. It also lists Oshikawa Yoshifumi as a cameo role; He did a lot of stunt work for Den-O as well as playing a karate practitioner who gets assaulted in an episode.
  • Yamamoto Shouma later portrays Nobori Taiga / Kamen Rider Saga in the TV series. *He also portrays Yamagatana Tsubasa in Garo Series.
  • Like Saga, Arc is named after a type of story/legend.
  • Gal Sone is a famous competitive eater. She played the role of Sayaka.

Net Movies[edit]

Net Movie Kamen Rider Kiva Backstory: Queen of Hell's Castle

Director's Cut[edit]

Director's Cut
KivaMovieDC DVD.jpg
Studio Toei
Distributor Toei Video (Retail)
Release date(s) June 21, 2009 (2009-06-21)
Running time 90 minutes
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An extension of the movie with additional footages that are not shown in the theatrical cut.

A list of extended or edited scenes:

  • Extension of IXA and Megumi fighting the Antlion Fangire and the Mummy Legendorga.
  • Banner includes Director's Cut Version.
  • Close up shot of the high school banner "Mori" and "Ra".
  • More footage of Wataru's first day in high school.
  • Even Megumi agrees Wataru going to high school to get a youth.
  • Extended scene of Natsuki encouraging Wataru that he will eventually be able to find a club.
  • Extra shots of Shima briefing Nago about Sugimura Takashi's prison break.
  • Longer chase between Nago and Sugimura from garbage scene to the high school scene.
  • Additional scenes of Kiva and IXA fighting the Mummy and Medusa Legendorga.
  • Shiramine mentions about Nago's past while describing the Legendorga's existence to Shima, Megumi, and Wataru.
  • The police officer, who was attacked during the ambush, becomes a Legendorga in the ambulance.
  • Kivat delivers the keys and Jirou gives a warning to Wataru about the time limit he can spend in the year of 1986.
  • Extra shot of Otoya and Yuri preventing Wataru from taking Towa away from her condolence live performance.
  • Extended scene of Wataru and Otoya were found guilty of kidnapping; they're sent to Kantou West Prison.
  • More footage of Towa's performance before she is taken hostage by Sugimura.
  • The scene of Wataru going back to the year of 2008 takes place before the scene of Otoya fighting the Zebra Fangire as IXA.
  • Otoya finds himself in the room of the ancient ruins and a spaced out Sugimura.
  • Additional footages of people in the year of 2008 becoming Legendorga and chasing down Wataru because he is Kiva.
  • Otoya denies his experience in the prison before telling Yuri that Wataru is indeed his future son.
  • Kivat guides Otoya and Yuri to the Castle Doran for using the door to travel to the year of 2008.
  • Otoya and Wataru spend their father and son moment at the Kurenai household with Yuri still ignores Megumi.
  • Edited the fight scene of Kiva using different forms against the Legendorga.
  • Shima is glad to see Otoya again.
  • Yuri reluctantly accepts Megumi is her future child.
  • Tatsulot unties Kivat.
  • More fight scenes in the final battle against the enemies.
  • Natsuki borrows one of her classmates' violin.
  • There are dialogues in the fight between Kiva and Otoya against Arc.
  • Additional footages of people participating different events in the Nature Festival.


Original Creator: Ishinomori Shoutarou (石ノ森章太郎)
Supervisor: Onodera Akira (小野寺章)
Writer: Inoue Toshiki (井上敏樹)
Director: Tasaki Ryuuta (田崎竜太)
Music: Saito Tsuneyoshi (斉藤恒芳)
Cinematographer: Inokuma Masao (いのくままさお)
Editor: Osada Naoki (長田直樹)
Action Director:
Tokusatsu Director: Butsuda Hiroshi (佛田洋)
  • Toei (東映)
  • Toei Animation (東映アニメーション)
  • TV Asahi (テレビ朝日)
  • Toei Video (東映ビデオ)
  • ADK (エーディーケー)
  • Toei Advertising (東映エージエンシー)
  • Bandai (バンダイ)


From the HD theatrical cut.

  • No stroke effect in the sub. Check the Director’s Cut Version for comparison.
  • 00:34 - missed “One, two.”.
  • 55:59 - missed “Yuri!”. (fixed in DC at 1:15:21)


Kamen Rider Kiva Movie Transcript

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