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An Imagin and one of the main characters on Kamen Rider Den-O.

Voice Actor: Terasoma Masaki

Suit Actor: Okamoto Jirou


Kintaros is not originally one of Nogami Ryoutarou's Imagins, he possessed a human being from the year 2007 like other Imagins. His original contract holder was Honjou Masaru, a karateka retired due to sickness. Kintaros wanted to grant Honjou's wish so much, that he risked his life and was mortally wounded when protecting Honjou. Ryoutarou, wanting to save Kintaros from disappearing, allowed Kintaros to form a contract with him.

His image of a golden bear comes from Honjou, not Ryoutarou. The image is based on the Kintarou legend. Naomi is the one who decided on the name "Kintaros".

Catch Phrases

My strength will make you cry!

My strength has made you cry. Wipe your tears with these!
俺の強さにお前が泣いた。 涙はこれで拭いとけ!


Kintaros speaks in Kansai dialect (関西方言) and has the personality of a sumo wrestler. He is very strong, often able to withstand enemy's attacks without budging. He has good motives from the beginning. He forgot all about the Imagins' mission of destroying the past and just sincerely wanted to grant his original contract holder's wish. And unlike the other Den-O Imagins, Kintaros doesn't fight as Den-O for self reasons. He is grateful of Ryoutarou for saving his life, and is willing to help Ryoutarou to protect the timeline no matter the costs.

Kintaros can fall asleep in a split second, and he is always asleep/hibernating on the DenLiner when there is nothing to do. He can still defend himself while asleep, shown when Momotaros gets hot-headed and attack him. Though asleep, he will become alert and wide awake when he hears a word sounding similar to "Naku" (泣く = Cry). Kintaros also has a habit of cracking his neck before battles.

Kamen Rider Den-O

Henshin Forms:

Involved Forms:

Weapon Form:

  • Kintaono

Image Motif

Kintaros, Den-O Axe Form and DenLiner Rekkou's designs are inspired by the Japanese legend Kintarou (金太郎 Kintarō).

  • Kintaros is based on a bear. His strength and sumo motif is a reference to Kintarou;
  • Axe Form and DenLiner Rekkou references the axe Kintarou carries around all the time;
  • The golden yellow color designs refer to the Kin (金 = gold) in Kintarou.


  • Kintaros' suit actor and voice actor, Okamoto Jirou and Terasoma Masaki, both participated in the Kamen Rider Black series. Okamoto Jirou was the suit actor for Kamen Rider Black, while Terasoma Masaki voiced Kamen Rider Black's adversary Shadow Moon.