Garo 22

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Episode 22
Engraving 刻印
Garo episode
Writer Kobayashi Yuuji
Director Yokoyama Makoto
Original air date March 10, 2006 (2006-03-10)
December 3, 2016 (2016-12-03) (HD Remaster)
Viewership 1.5%
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Heart Destruction
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Air date: March 10, 2006 (2006-03-10)

Important things that happened[edit]

  • Zaruba and Gonza reveals about Barago and his past times and the identity of the Dark Knight Kiba.
  • As Taiga was dead, he placed the mark of death (crossed face).
  • After Kaoru sees Barago, her childhood backstory revealed.


  • Finding Kaoru with a Horror Gate on her neck, Kouga learns of the ultimate Horror Messiah and the goal of the Horror-devouring Dark Knight. When Kaoru comes to and tell her dream of a man with cross-shaped scar, Zaruba reveals the figure to be Taiga's pupil Barago who became the Dark Knight and killed Taiga.
  • The revelation affects Kouga, who deluded himself into thinking a Horror had committed the deed, as Kaoru later requests him to kill her if it saves the world. However, Kouga refuses as Barago appears and defeats Kouga and Rei.
  • Soon after, Kaoru reveals she met Barago as a child, with Kouga realizing that Barago manipulated the chain of events leading to now.
  • As Gonza tries to cheer Kaoru up as she blames herself for Kouga's suffering while getting original copies of her father's book, Rei suggests Kouga of joining forces to fight Barago and protect Kaoru.
  • By then, Kaoru enters the sanctum of Kouga's training room as she is made familiar with Kouga's armor to ease her worries before he and Rei take their leave to fight Barago and the Eastern Watchdogs after placing a barrier around the manor. Seeing the irony, Kaoru accepts what fate dealt her.

Guest Stars[edit]


Suit Actors[edit]


CM (HD airing)[edit]

  • UQ Mobile Sisters Papa and Mama
  • Oreo Father and Son
  • Zeiram 1 and 2 Blu-ray Box
  • Yo-kai Watch Movie
  • Final Fantasy XV



Writer: Kobayashi Yuuji (小林雄次)
Director, Action Director: Yokoyama Makoto (横山 誠)