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Episode 05
Moonlight 月光
Garo episode
Director Kaji Kengo
Action Director Yokoyama Makoto
Original air date
  • November 4, 2005 (2005-11-04)
  • July 30, 2016 (2016-07-30) (HD Remaster)
Viewership 2.3%
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  • Remembering Kouga's words to her during the Morax incident, Kaoru decides to live in the mansion's guest room to his dismay.
  • Meanwhile, a pharmacist named Morino Hitoshi is one the run after being made a suspect in the murder of a woman named Sakashita Reiko. Kidnapping a high school girl as his hostage, he is confronted by his old rival turned cop Hanezawa.
  • As Morino and Hanezawa get into an argument over the matter, they and the girl soon realize they are not alone in the warehouse.
  • Arriving in the area, Kouga encounters a moth which embodies a heart-broken woman's final thoughts prior to becoming a Horror's vessel.
  • Following the moth, Kouga learns the Horror is Lunarken, a sadistic glutton who corners her prey in order to feed during a full moon.
  • Arriving to the warehouse and knocking the three humans out, Garo battles Lunarken and slays her.
  • By the time the three humans came to, with no memory of the night's events, Morino is cleared of all charges against him.



Garo0005 (Lunarken).jpgGaro0005 (Lunarken as zombie).jpg

A moth demon, possessing a woman who tries to commit suicide as the result of a man's insensitivity. She remains dormant in her zombified host until the full moon, when her bloodlust is at its zenith.

The actual Lunarken is the orb like weapon the puppet uses in its attacks.

Played by Kitagawa Emi (北川絵美).

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