Garo 21

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Episode 21
Magic Bullet 魔弾
Garo episode
Writer Kobayashi Yuuji
Director Yokoyama Makoto
Original air date March 3, 2006 (2006-03-03)
November 26, 2016 (2016-11-26) (HD Remaster)
Viewership 2.2%
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Air date: March 3, 2006 (2006-03-03)


  • Saving Kaoru's life, she and Kouga admit they are glad of the choices they have made, unaware of what is to come.
  • During that time, Gonza encounters a strange man who leaves him a letter, calling out Kouga to Winter Gate. Though warned that it would be a trap, Kouga goes there anyway.
  • Arriving there, he meets the man as he tells him he has until dawn to kill him. Fighting through Horror-possessed gunmen before the host appears as the Horror Bonafaltz, Garo manages to strike down the Horrors before striking Bonafaltz down. However, Bonafaltz turn out to be security guard as the host reveals himself to be not only human, but also Yuuki the father of Kamisugawa Miri, the vessel of the Horror Moloch who Kouga killed.
  • Yuuki then proceeds to ask if killing those possessed by Horrors justifies the sadness their loved ones had to endure as Kouga refuses to take his life.
  • However, revealing the Eastern Watchdogs gave him the means to enact his revenge, Yuuki uses the Horror Blade holding Molch's essence on himself. Becoming Moloch, Kamisugawa realized the pain his daughter suffered as he pleas Kouga to kill him as the sun rises.
  • Back at the manor, Kaoru screams in fright when a strange mark appears on her neck.



Garo0021 (Bonafaltz).jpg

A skeleton gunman, using one of the special bullets made from Horror essences.

Human form: Tochino, a security guard.

Guest Stars[edit]

  • Kamisugawa Yuuki - Morimoto Leo 神須川祐樹 - 森本レオ
  • Security Guard Tochino - Tochino Yukitomo 警備員・栩野 - 栩野幸知
  • Horror (human) - Akiyama Tomohiko ホラー(人間体) - 秋山智彦
  • Horror (human) - Arakawa Makoto ホラー(人間体) - 荒川真
  • Horror (human) - Oonishi Masaki ホラー(人間体) - 大西雅樹
  • Horror (human) - Sasaki Toshinori ホラー(人間体) - 佐々木俊宜
  • Horror (human) - Yoshida Mizuho ホラー(人間体) - 吉田瑞穂
  • Horror (human) - Oohashi Akira ホラー(人間体) - 大橋明


  • Kamisugawa Miri - Erika 神須川美理 - エリカ

Suit Actors[edit]

  • Golden Knight Garo - Oonishi Masaki 黄金騎士ガロ - 大西雅樹
  • Bonafaltz - Yoshida Mizuho ホラーボナファルツ - 吉田瑞穂



  • The humans turned into Horrors are mostly suit actors. Like Akiyama Tomohiko, Arakawa Makoto, Sasaki Toshinori. This also includes Garo's suit actor (Oonishi Masaki), Bonafaltz's suit actor (Yoshida Mizuho), and Oohashi Akira who normally plays the Horror in other episodes.
  • Might be a coincidence, but Kouga is summoned to Winter Gate K9. K9 is a homonym for Canine, a term used to describe dogs and wolves.
  • 4:44 was picked because the number 4 in Japanese, Shi, is a homonym for their word for "death".


Writer: Kobayashi Yuuji (小林雄次)
Director, Action Director: Yokoyama Makoto (横山 誠)