Garo 03

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Episode 03
Clock 時計
Garo episode
Director Yokoyama Makoto
Action Director Yokoyama Makoto
Original air date
  • October 21, 2005 (2005-10-21)
  • July 23, 2016 (2016-07-23) (HD Remaster)
Viewership 2.3%
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  • After finding the victim of a Horror, with the demon nowhere in sight, Kouga brings the dust remains to the Watchdogs who reveal it to be the work of Morax, a Horror that takes the form of timepieces which Kouga has never faced the likes of before.
  • Working in a bicycle delivery service, Kaoru is tricked into finding the Saejima Estate where Kouga warns her to stay away from any time piece for the day. By then, Kaoru learns of Kouga's Madou Ring Zaruba, who reveals the ring she wears as actually a part of him to the girl's disgust. Soon after, to further insure her safety, Kouga had Kaoru occupy the guest room with Gonza paying the delivery fee as compensation.
  • By nightfall, Kouga finds Morax as he devours a high school girl named Ayano, jump onto another girl to evade the Makai Knight through various hosts.
  • However, taking a delivery for her shrink, Kaoru ends up being taken hostage by Morax as he assumes the form of an old clock tower. Fighting the Horror's defenses, Garo manages to rip out Morax from his vessel and kill him.
  • With Morax dead, the building fell apart and Kouga carries the unconscious Kaoru to safety before she comes to. Giving Kaoru back her watch, she attempts to demand answers when she realizes she is behind on deliveries.



Garo0003 (Morax).jpg

A unique Horror that has no need for a human host, once said to have wiped out an entire village in one night.

Possessing a time-piece, altering it into a variety of forms, Morax lures those driven by time to pick him up.

Once he has a hold on his victim, by after dusk, it dehydrates the victim until only dust remains.

Guest Stars[edit]

Suit Actor[edit]

Horror - Oohashi Akira ホラー - 大橋明

CM (HD airing)[edit]


  • Kaoru says "I have no time" three times. Foreshadowing her 100 days before she dies from the Horror blood spilled upon her.
    • The Watch Dogs also say there is no time (in reference to Kaoru).
  • Kaoru says her dream when she was 12 was to live in a big mansion and to be married to a millionaire. Kouga may not be a millionaire, but he does live in a mansion.
  • Kaoru says it's been 10 years since that time, so she's 22 years old.