Garo 11

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Episode 11
Game 遊戯
Garo episode
Director Amemiya Keita
Original air date December 16, 2005 (2005-12-16)
September 17, 2016 (2016-09-17) (HD Remaster)
Viewership 2.3%
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Air date: December 16, 2005 (2005-12-16)


  • The trickster Horror Dantarian lures people to play his coin game but, when they lose in his fixed games, he devours their soul.
  • Dantalian tries this trick on Kaoru and takes her soul.
  • After facing off against Zero, Kouga encounters Dantarian and competes in his games to recover Kaoru's soul.
  • He eventually succeeds, destroying Dantarian and reuniting Kaoru's body with her soul.



Garo0011 (Dantarian).jpg

Kunugi Reijirou, Dantarian's human form.

A neon-green stag beetle Horror that possesses a con artist gambler named Kunugi Reijirou, tricking people to play a fixed coin game and after they lost, sealed their souls inside a coin.

Guest Stars[edit]

  • Kunugi Reijirou - Jay Kabira 椚 礼次郎 - 川平慈英
  • Satomi - Sakuma Yui 里美 - 作間ゆい

Voice Work[edit]

Suit Actors[edit]

  • Golden Knight Garo - Oonishi Masaki 黄金騎士・牙狼 - 大西雅樹
  • Dantarian - Oohashi Akira ダンタリアン - 大橋明


  • Suzumura Rei
  • Gonza
  • Ker
  • Ber
  • Ros
  • Silva

CM (HD airing)[edit]

  • Schick Hydro Premium
  • Tokyo Disney Resort for adults
  • Town Work with Matsumoto Hitoshi
  • Koe Koi Matsubara-kun
  • Wonda Morning Shot - Biking with the kids
  • au Smart Phone
  • Suntory Whiskey - Kaku-Highball & Kara-age
  • Dragon Quest Hoshi Dora - Doradachi
  • Morinaga BAKE - Creamy Cheese, Princess song by miwa
  • Mintia


  • Reijirou says the human soul weighs 21 grams. This is based on the experiments of MacDougall who weighed people before and after death, supposedly finding a difference of 21 grams, which he claimed was the soul leaving the body.
  • Apparently Zaruba detects things by their souls. Since Kaoru's body has no soul at the end, he wasn't able to tell which was the real one.


Director: Amemiya Keita (雨宮慶太)
Action Director: