Saejima Taiga

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A character on Garo.

Played by Watanabe Hiroyuki

Father to Saejima Kouga. Like his son, he held the title of Golden Knight Garo.


Married a Makai Priest named Rin. She died of illness when Kouga was very young, so Taiga raised his son in a very firm but loving way. Kouga was the next in the line of Golden Knights, after all.

Taiga had an apprentice named Barago, who ultimately betrayed the order and became a Dark Knight. In a confrontation with Barago, Taiga is killed, leaving his friend Gonza to raise Kouga.

Appearance as Garo[edit]

Looks like Kouga's Garo, with the exception that his eyes are red. Plus he's more likely to wear a mantle.