Garo 04

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Episode 04
Dinner 晩餐
Garo episode
Director Yokoyama Makoto
Action Director Yokoyama Makoto
Original air date October 28, 2005 (2005-10-28)
Viewership 1.2%
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  • Arriving to a hospital once noted of a Horror sighting, Zaruba cannot seem to detect anything out of the unusual.
  • The next day, after being evicted, Kaoru forces her way into Asami's place, unintentionally getting her sick as she is taken to the hospital the same time Kouga attempts a second look over, uneasy about Zaruba's inability to sense their surroundings. He then up with the wife of one of Dr. Tategami's patients, who she last saw going to see the doctor to thank him.
  • Interested why a Horror would spare human lives to eat them, Kouga meets Tategami who reveals himself as a host to the Horror Pazus who explains he is preparing his meals for finer taste.
  • Learning he cannot summon his armor, Kouga is forced to fall back with Pazus summons his Horror staff to kill him.
  • After refueling his Madou Flame, Kouga decides to use Kaoru to take out the source of the anti-Makai barrier Pazus erected.
  • As Kaoru is forced into it, Kouga battles the Horrors until he can become Garo, slaying Pazus after defeating him as a response to his final wish to taste Kaoru.



Garo0004 (Pazus).jpg

Tategami Ryouichi, Pazus' human form.

A Horror that first appeared around the time Taiga was alive.

He takes over the body of Tategami Ryouichi, making him a miracle worker of a surgeon so Pazus can feed on the euphoria-enriched blood of Tategami's patients.

He slices them apart with the scalpel-bladed tendrils from the back of his head, while leaving the remains for his Horror minions. To ensure he could eat without interference, he erects a barrier to put any Makai Knight at a disadvantage.

Guest Stars[edit]


  • Shinohara Asami - Fukui Mina 篠原亜佐美 - 福井未菜
  • Katou Kouichi - Tokui Yuu 加藤浩一 - 徳井 優
  • Saejima Kouga (Young) - Sawahata Ryuusei 冴島鋼牙(幼少時) - 澤畠流星
  • Ker
  • Ber
  • Ros
  • Kodama

Suit Actors[edit]


  • In the reairing of the HD remake, episode 4 was skipped to air episode 5 instead. Apparently the actor Kase Taishuu was caught with amphetamines, so his works are not allowed to be aired on TV anymore.
  • There are several references to Kouga's dad, Saejima Taiga. This might be one of the first episodes that refer to Taiga and his tragic death.