TQG Station 39

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Station 39
Beginning of the End
Ressha Sentai Toqger episode
Writer Kobayashi Yasuko
Director Takemoto Noboru
Original air date December 7, 2014 (2014-12-07)
Viewership 3.6%
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Episode chronology
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Station 38
Let's Make a Movie
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Just Who is Who?!
Episode List
Ressha Sentai Toqger
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Aired with Kamen Rider Drive 09

Important things that happened[edit]



Shadow Line[edit]

Boseki Shadow[edit]

ボセキシャドー Tombstone Shadow

Voiced by: Tatsuta Naoki
Height: 204cm (In giant form: 44.9m)
Weight: 210kg (In giant form: 462.0t)
闇形式: ノハ9012-39
闇装備: 墓石系ドア
闇駅名: N/A



Attacks and Mecha[edit]

  • Tokacchi Super Beam
  • TOQ-Oh Car Carrier Attack!
  • Car Carrier Tank Shoot! (カーキャリアタンクシュート!)
  • Diesel Missiles!
  • Police Cannon!



  • Akira's instructions for using Drill Ressha to find Shadow Towns:
    • "Instructions for using Drill Ressha to find Shadow Towns. Use Drill Ressha's radar to find Shadow Towns and it will lead you to a switch point."
  • Schwarz refers to Drill Ressha as Drill Kurainer.
  • At 3.2% viewership, this is the episode with the fewest views in the series.

Out of Episode Trivia[edit]

  • Yellow falls down in the opening.
  • TOQ Janken appears before the episode. Right chooses rock.
  • A commercial for the Toqger movie on DVD/Blu-ray appears in the episode.

Everyone's Train Corner[edit]

  • N700 Line #7000, #8000
  • 7000 Line
  • 900 Line Kirara


TQG Station 39 Transcript