TQG Station 36

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Station 36
Dreams Get a Perfect 100
Ressha Sentai Toqger episode
Writer Aikawa Shou
Director Kato Hiroyuki
Action Director Fukuzawa Hirofumi
Original air date November 16, 2014 (2014-11-16)
Viewership 3.6%
Character focus Hikari
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Episode chronology
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Station 35
The Terminal is Stolen
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Unreasonable Quiz
Episode List
Ressha Sentai Toqger
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Aired with Kamen Rider Drive 06

Important things that happened



Shadow Line

Mannenhitsu Shadow

Fountain Pen Shadow マンネンヒツシャドー

Voiced by: Tobita Nobuo
Height: 197cm (In giant form: 43.3m)
Weight: 194kg (In giant form: 426.8t)
闇形式: ノハ1000012-36
闇装備: ニブ系アックス
闇駅名: 落第学前
  • Can drive people to darkness by giving them 0 points. Has ink based attacks.
  • The Japanese name for fountain pen means "10,000 year pen". Probably not a coincidence that his attacks are number based.



  • Igawa Sakura - Tonooka Erika 井川さくら - 外岡えりか



  • There are numerous number references in this episode. The monster's name means 10,000 year pen in Japanese. He attacks by giving people numerical point scorings. The station they're at is Hakutendaigakumae (珀天大学前) which is a pun on "station before 100 points college".
  • Hakutendaigakumae changes to Rakudaigakumae which means "drop out of class college".
  • Apparently Right did poorly in school. He's used to getting a score of zero.
  • Right's dream of becoming an astronaut is mentioned again in a flashback.
  • Since most of the Toqgers were out of commission, no one was there to brace Hyper TOQ 4. Because of this, the blast sends him flying back into his teammates who are lying on the ground.

Out of Episode Trivia

  • Red falls down in the opening.
  • No Super Hero Time segment before the episode this week.
  • TOQ VS Kyouryuuger announced after the episode.
  • TOQ Rainbow replaces Build Dai-Oh and Hyper Ressha Tei-Oh segments in the opening.

Everyone's Train Corner

  • Railway 5000 Line
  • Comfort Saloon
  • Moha 2100 Model


TQG Station 36 Transcript