TQG Station 20

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Station 20
Smiling is Dangerous
Ressha Sentai Toqger episode
Writer Katou Hiroyuki
Director Kobayashi Yasuko
Original air date July 13, 2014 (2014-07-13)
Viewership 4.2%
Character focus Akira
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Episode chronology
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Station 19
Depart! Build Dai-Oh
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The Bride is on the Run
Episode List
Ressha Sentai Toqger
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Aired with Kamen Rider Gaim 37
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Important things that happened[edit]



Shadow Line[edit]

Jack-in-the-Box Shadow[edit]


Voiced by: Mizushima Takahiro
Height: 198cm (In giant form: 43.6m)
Weight: 186kg (In giant form: 409.2t)
闇形式: グハ12985-20
闇装備: 鳩時計系ドア、ジャグリング系棍棒
闇駅名: 大笑井
  • Based on the toy the Jack-in-the-Box. However, his body appears to be made of a treasure chest, like a mimic's.



  • Sumo Wrestler - Akatsu 相撲取り - あかつ
  • Comedian - Gorgeous 芸人 - ゴー☆ジャス
  • Girl - Tanabe Youko 女の子 - 田邊瑶子



  • Build Dai-Oh Bucket Break ビルドダイオー バケットブレイク!



Panel displaying the mecha names in English
  • The Shadow station is named Oowarai Station (大笑井) which means "Big laughter station".
  • On one of the panels, it shows the spelling BUILD-RESSHA. As well as TQ1 to TQ6, TQO (TOQ-Oh), DGO (Diesel-Oh?), and CTQO (Chou TOQ-Oh).
  • Apparently Akira is a big cat lover. They make him smile when nothing else can't and tremendously sad when he lost his.
  • When the Conductor is imitating a transvestite, he uses a famous line "I'll step on you!" which apparently is associated with such stereotypes. [1]
  • When Tokacchi catches Red Ressha he shouts "To Catch" which sounds like his own name.
  • Prank costumes
    • Right dresses as a blonde ballerina
    • Tokacchi dresses in a China dress with sunglasses
    • Mio dresses as a drunk salaryman with a sash that says Japanese executive secretary #3
    • Hikari dresses as a cat maid
    • Kagura dresses as a foolish lord
    • Conductor and Ticket dress as a mantis

Falls Down in the Opening[edit]

  • Pink

Everyone's Train Corner[edit]

  • Safari Ressha
  • Safari Ga-oh
  • Safari Ga-oh (Robo Mode)


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