TQG Station 10

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Station 10
Tokacchi, Dies at Sunset
Ressha Sentai Toqger episode
Writer Kobayashi Yasuko
Director Watanabe Katsuya
Original air date April 27, 2014 (2014-04-27)
Viewership 3.7%
Character focus Tokacchi
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Episode chronology
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Station 09
Feelings are a One-Way Ticket
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Station 11
The Emperor of Darkness
Episode List
Ressha Sentai Toqger
< Station 09 Tokacchi, Dies at Sunset
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Aired with Kamen Rider Gaim 27

Important things that happened[edit]



Shadow Line[edit]

Type Shadow[edit]


Voiced by: Matsumoto Yasunori
Height: 201cm (In giant form: 44.2m)
Weight: 188kg (In giant form: 413.6t)
闇形式: ノハ10622-10
闇装備: タイプライター系キー
闇駅名: N/A
  • Based on a typewriter, he has buttons on his body and a roll of paper for a head. The things he types out come true.
  • He has a habit of shouting OK, probably since it's a word that's composed of shouting two letters. When he dies, he shouts out KO.



  • Fujisawa Hiroki - Fukuzaki Nayuta 藤沢弘樹 - 福崎那由他
  • Child - Watanabe Hayato 子供 - 渡辺隼斗
  • Child - 石井出海 子供 - 石井出海
  • Baseball coach - Yoshiie Akihito 野球監督 - 吉家章人





  • One of the background children, Watanabe Hayato, also played the young version of Dr. Maki from OOO. Not to be confused with the JAE stunt actor Watanabe Hayato who has the exact same name.
  • The train names seem slightly relevant to today's episode. The second one is named after a protagonist who runs to save his friend's life, who arrives just at sunset which is his deadline. The Nippori line has the word "sunset" in its kanji.
  • Opening now has a clip of Diesel-Oh.
  • For some reason, Type Shadow shouts "dosukoi" when he runs at Diesel-Oh. Normally, the shout is affiliated with sumo wrestlers.
  • Type Shadow's speech tick is that he likes to shout out OK OK since they're made of letters. When he dies, he reverses this by shouting KO.


Falls Down in the Opening[edit]


Everyone's Train Corner[edit]

  • Shinkansen Hikari Rail Star 700 Line
  • Tsugaru 21 Series Hashire Melos-gou (A reference to the story "Run, Melos!" The English wiki page even has a picture of this train on it)
  • Nippori Toneri 300 Series


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