Kamen Rider OOO 31

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Episode 31
Repaying a Favor, Scheme, Purple Medals
Kamen Rider OOO episode
Writer Kobayashi Yasuko
Director Morota Satoshi
Action Director Miyazaki Takeshi
Original air date April 24, 2011 (2011-04-24)
Viewership 6.6%
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Episode chronology
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Episode 30
King, Panda, Memory of Flame
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Episode 32
A New Greeed, Void, Unrivaled Combo
Episode List
Kamen Rider OOO
< Ep 30 Repaying a Favor, Scheme, Purple Medals
Ep 32 >
Aired with Gokaiger Episode 10

Important things that happened[edit]

  • When Maki left the Kougami Foundation, he took a sealed box containing ten Purple Medals. He removes a Core Medal from the 10 and the Medals become active.
  • Uva is amassing a lot of Cell Medals.
  • Five of the Purple Medals suddenly move on their own and enter Eiji's body.

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Black Swallowtail Yummy[edit]

Kuroageha Yami クロアゲハヤミー
Black Swallowtail Yummy.jpg

Voiced by: Hagai Mari
Height: 257cm
Weight: 110kg
Characteristics/Powers: 飛行能力、鱗粉による攻撃
  • Based on a spangle butterfly, it was created from Sakata's desire to pay back his high school teacher. It can fly and spray a destructive pollen at enemies.

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Voice Actress[edit]

  • Black Swallowtail Yummy - Hagai Mari クロアゲハヤミー - 羽飼まり

Medals Used[edit]

  • Taka
  • Tora
  • Batta
  • Unagi
  • Tako
  • Kujaku
  • Condor

Subforms / Combos[edit]

  • Tatoba
  • Takauta
  • Tajador

Song Used[edit]

Anything Goes!


  • The Episode Title refers to Sakata's desire, Uva's plan to amass Cell Medals or Maki's plan with the Purple Medals, and new set of Greeed Medals.
  • The High School theme for Cous Coussier makes sense since April is when the new school year starts for Japan.
  • The Triceratops Candroid makes its first appearance. It can easily refill the ammo pack for the Birth Gun from a distance.
  • Midori Yurie portrayed Tomoda Yuri on Kamen Rider Decade episodes 10 and 11.

Count the Medals[edit]

2 Taka, 1 Kujaku, 1 Tora, 1 Batta, 1 Unagi, 1 Gorilla, 1 Sai, 1 Zou, 1 Tako, 1 Shachi

Cous Coussier Theme[edit]

High School


Original Creator: Ishinomori Shoutarou (石ノ森章太郎)
Supervisor: Onodera Akira (小野寺章)
Writer: Kobayashi Yasuko (小林靖子)
Director: Morota Satoshi (諸田敏)
Music: Nakagawa Koutarou (中川幸太郎)
Cinematographer: Kurata Kouji (倉田幸治)
Editor: Osada Naoki (長田直樹)
Action Director: Miyazaki Takeshi (宮崎剛)
(Japan Action Enterprise)
Tokusatsu Director: Butsuda Hiroshi (佛田洋)
  • TV Asahi (テレビ朝日)
  • Toei (東映)
  • ADK (エーディーケー)


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