Kamen Rider OOO Hyper Battle DVD

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Quiz and Dance and Takagaruba


Released: June 2011


Hina picks up a Kangaroo Core Medal that the Shachi-Panda Yummy dropped. Eiji and Ankh's teamwork is in disarray. Hina suggests that they should work on their teamwork by learning about animals and doing the Kangaroo Dance.

Kamen Rider

Kamen Rider OOO - Takaiwa Seiji (Suit actor)

Kamen Rider OOO Takagaruba
When the Kangaroo Medal is placed in the arm slot, OOO is able to use Takagaruba. His arms are super light and his fists have boxing gloves on them. He can use Kangaroo Upper and Kangaroo Punch to finish off enemies.
Kamen Rider OOO Takatoragaru
When the Kangaroo Medal is placed in the leg slot, OOO is able to use Takatoragaru. His legs are super light and his feet looks like he has sneakers on them. He can use Kangaroo Spinning Kick and Kangaroo Kick to finish off enemies. During Kangaroo Kick, a kangaroo tail appears and helps balance OOO during the attack.


Probably not canon since it didn't refer to any other events or wasn't even mentioned in other media.





  • Hina is wearing the outfit she wore in the OP and even has her getting her hat after it fell off her head.
  • Hina swings a giant ball at the two Yummys. It's the same ball that the Rikugame Yummy used.
  • Kangaroo Dance has Kushida Akira chanting "Kangaroo" in the background with composition & arrangement from Naruse Shuhei.
  • Kangaroo Medal is the only Medal that can used in two different slots.
  • Like the Imagin and Shocker Medals, the Kangaroo Medal disappears in the end.

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