Kamen Rider 555 20th: Paradise Regained

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Kamen Rider 555 20th: Paradise Regained
仮面ライダー555 20th パラダイス・リゲインド
555 20th official poster.jpg
Director Tasaki Ryuta
Writer Inoue Toshiki
Starring Handa Kento
Haga Yuria
Murakami Kohei
Karahashi Mitsuru
Composer Matsuo Hayato
Studio Toei
Distributor Toei Video (Retail)
Release date(s) February 2, 2024 (2024-02-02)
May 29, 2024 (2024-05-29) (Retail)
Running time 65 minutes
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Kamen Rider 555
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The V-Cinext for Kamen Rider 555, celebrating the series' 20th anniversary. Limited theater screening on February 2, 2024 (2024-02-02). Blu-ray/DVD released on May 29, 2024 (2024-05-29). To promote the movie, Kamen Rider 555 Murder Case was streamed, starring members of the movie cast in a spin-off story.



Inui Takumi / Kamen Rider Faiz / Wolf Orphenoch
(乾巧 / 仮面ライダーファイズ)
Handa Kento


Sonoda Mari
Haga Yuria


Kusaka Masato / Kamen Rider Kaixa
(草加雅人 / 仮面ライダーカイザ)
Murakami Kohei


Kaidou Naoya
Karahashi Mitsuru


Kitazaki Nozomu
Fujita Ray


Kurumi Rena / Kamen Rider Muez
(胡桃玲菜/ 仮面ライダーミューズ)
Fukuda Rumika


Hisao / Kamen Rider Delta / Mosquito Orphenoch
Yanagawa Rui

ParadiseRegainedKouta.jpg GeckoOrphenoch.jpg

Kouta / Gecko Orphenoch
Hashino Ryunosuke


Kei / Kuina Orphenoch
Matsuzawa Kanon


Kikuchi Joutarou
Asakawa Daiji


Smart Lady
Shindo Amane

  • Seiji the ramen shop customer - Takaiwa Seiji ラーメン屋菊池の常連客「セイジ」 - 高岩成二
  • Riotrooper - Tom Constantine ライオトルーパー/オルフェノク殲滅隊員 - トム・コンスタンタイン

Voice Actor

  • Rider Gears - Kano Takehiko ライダーギア - 假野剛彦

Stunt Actors

Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Next Faiz


Transforms using the Faiz Driver NEXT (ファイズドライバーNEXT) and the new Faiz Phone 20 Plus (ファイズフォン20Plus)

Kamen Rider Next Kaixa


Transforms using the Kaixa Driver (カイザドライバー) and Kaixa Phone XX (カイザフォンXX)

Kamen Rider Muez


A next generation Rider that transforms using the Muez Driver (ミューズドライバー)


Rhinoceros Orphenoch


Wild Cat Orphenoch


Songs Used

Singer: ISSA (DA PUMP)
Lyrics: Fujibayashi Shoko
Composer: Sato Kazuto
Arranger: Nakagawa Koutarou
Singer: ISSA (DA PUMP)
Lyrics: Fujibayashi Shoko
Composer: Sato Kazuto
Arranger: Nakagawa Koutarou


Iruma River Bridge
  • The title, Paradise Regained, is a reference to John Milton's Paradise Lost poem.
  • According to an interview with Handa Kento, Toei originally planned to give Inui Takumi a tragic end. However, Handa and Haga intervened and were able to convince the producers to change that ending.[1]
  • The kuina is an Asian bird known as the brown-cheeked rail in English.
  • Kitazaki gains a given name for the first time, Nozomu. Previously, he was just known by his family name.
  • The ramen sign is painted over the laundromat sign.
  • Mari sits at a park with Kusaka looking at a salon, it was Mari's dream to be a beautician in the TV series.
  • According to the profile that Rena read, Mari's birthday is November 27, 1987, making her 36 in this movie.
  • On the day Takumi left Mari, he ended up at Iruma River Bridge where Smart Brain eventually found him and captured him.
  • Muez's name is a combination mutsu/six, the Greek letter Mu, and the z from Faiz.
  • Muez's transformation code is 666. Her name is also a pun on the 9 Muses from Greek myth, in a similar way Orphenoch gets their name from Orpheus, the man who tried to lead his wife out of the land of the dead.
  • During the Smart Lady commercial, the BGM version of the song I am Smart Lady is playing in the background.
  • Takumi transforms into the old model Faiz in the final battle. However, for some reason the Faiz Accel Watch is not seen on his arm.
  • When Rena tells Takumi that the moon is pretty, this is a poetic way for Japanese to say "I love you" [1]

Actor Trivia

  • Mizorogi Ken retired from acting. Rather than having him return as Keitarou, the character Kikuchi Joutarou was created instead and is the nephew of Keitarou.
  • Seiji the ramen shop customer is played by original Faiz stunt actor, Takaiwa Seiji. He even gets splashed on his hand, so he does Faiz's hand flick motion.
  • Tom Constantine played Neon's bodyguard on Geats. He had a Rider belt in that series, but we never see him transform until now.
  • Smart Lady was originally played by Kurihara Hitomi, but the actress has already retired from acting. This new Smart Lady is played by Shindo Amane, who was born the same year as the 555 TV series ended, making her younger than the 20 year anniversary this movie is celebrating.


Writer: Inoue Toshiki
Director: Tasaki Ryuta
Action Director: Wada Sanshiro


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