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Birth Date: (1976-06-01) June 1, 1976 (age 46)
Blood Type: O
Height: 5 ft 11 in (181 cm)


  • Quit his old agency in 2012, but in June joined Dolce Star.

Kamen Rider 555

  • Cherishes his experience in playing as Kusaka Masato / Kamen Rider Kaixa on the series.
  • Because of how important the experience was to him, he celebrates Kaixa day on September 13, 9-13 which is Kaixa's transformation code. On the fifth anniversary (in 2008), Kaixa's stunt actor, Ito Makoto, appeared at the Kaixa celebration.
  • Fujita Ray, who played Kitazaki, states the Faiz actors still meet up 1-2 times a year.
  • When Ayano Gou (Spider Orphenoch) finished his work on Faiz, Murakami embraced him and said, "I will go soon too." Not long after, in the TV show he is killed.
  • Does the dubbing for Kaixa in Decade.
  • In a Toei Hero Max interview, he says he auditioned for Kamen Rider after seeing Asakura in Ryuki. He also hopes to someday costar with Hagino Takashi who played Asakura.



  • 1999 GTO Special
  • 2002 Jikuu Keisatsu Wecker D-02 - Kiba Kento 木場健人
  • 2002 Shomuni FINAL Eps. 10『女の価値は男の数』
  • 2003 Kamen Rider 555 - Kusaka Masato / Kamen Rider Kaixa (草加雅人 / 仮面ライダーカイザ)
  • 2004 Memory of Love - 木田明
  • 2006 Kamen Rider Kabuto Ep 03 - IT President Uemura ウエムラ
  • 2006 Anna-san no Omame Eps. 8(12月、テレビ朝日)- 麗二
  • 2007 Ultraman Mebius Eps. 38(1月、TBS)- 勇魚洋
  • 2007 Cutie Honey THE LIVE - Nakajou Yuuji 中条有次
  • 2008 RH+(2008年3月- MX)誠の父
  • 2009 Kamen Rider G (1月31日)- Test subject
  • 2011 GARO ~Makai Senki~ Eps. 4(10月27日), Kid キッド
  • 2016 Doubutsu Sentai Jyuohger - Bado
  • 2018 Kamen Rider Zi-O Eps 5-6 - Kusaka Masato



Voice Acting


  • 2004 Galaxy Angel Season 4 Eps. 9(9月)Kaixa Murakami カイザ・ムラカミ


  • 2017 CSM Kaixa Gear promos


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