Fujita Ray

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Fujita Ray
Native name 藤田玲 (ふじた れい)
Born (1988-09-06) September 6, 1988 (age 35)
Years active 2003 - present
Known for role Suzumura Rei / Silver Fang Knight Zero
Notable work(s) Garo
Home town Nakano-ku, Tokyo
Height 5 ft 10 in (179 cm)
Blood type O

藤田玲 Even though his name has a kanji, he spells his given name in English as Ray. Some people spell his name Fujita Rei but he consistently spells it as "Ray". Not to be confused with the actress who is also named Fujita Rei.

A Japanese actor, musician.

French side

Apparently Fujita Ray is half-French. He's spoken French on several occasions in shows he's been in. One of his lines during a Faiz Super Hero Time has French in it.

In the Zero spinoff series, he speaks two lines in French.


Was 14 when he played Kitazaki in Faiz (his character's age was 16). He was the youngest kaijin at the time. And when he became Delta, he became the youngest person to become a Rider.

Was part of a band called Takuto, but when he became famous, it was changed to Ray. In Garo, he became a part of the group GARO Project. Worked on the character song "Little wings fly high" for Yamato Takeshi in the anime "Over Drive".

Because of his popularity in late night dramas, people referred to him as "the young noble of late night drama" 深夜ドラマの貴公子 and "the tokusatsu star" 特撮の星.

Because of his many international fans, his blog is also in English.




  • 2004 渋谷怪談 サッちゃんの都市伝説『第三伝説『あこがれの人』 - 聡史 役 ※主役
  • 2007 愛しあう事しかできない - 慎 役
  • 2007 Crazy Crow - 森乱丸 役 ※準主役
  • 2007 荒くれKNIGHT - 井関 役(特別出演)
  • 2008 幼なじみ - 健治 役
  • 2009 ハードリベンジミリー ブラッディーバトル - ヒューマ 役
  • 2009 20世紀少年 <最終章> ぼくらの旗
  • 2011 前橋ビジュアル系 - ベース.ケン 役
  • 2013 Garo ~Soukoku no Maryuu~ - Suzumura Rei
  • 2019 Garo -Gekkou no Tabibito- - Yoichi (ヨイチ)
  • 2024 Kamen Rider 555 20th: Paradise Regained - Kitazaki Nozomu



Image model for Megane Super(market)



April 2008 - January 2009 Ray Line


He's the vocalist for a band called DUSTZ.

In 2014, the band performs the ending song for Zero, which features Fujita Ray as the main character.

Current members
  • Ray(Vocal)/藤田玲(Was Takuto when they were indie)
  • Gus(Bass)/興絽オースティン智也
  • Kohei(Guitar)/江畑こーへー
  • hello(DJ)/藤野雄也
Former members
  • NZM(Guitar)/若井望(EX.RUSHMORE)
  • 80(Guitar)/Etienne(エティエンヌ)
  • Naoki(Drums)/川野直輝(EX.STARS)
  • KenT(Guitar)/横山ミッシェル千裕


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