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8th Heisei Rider series
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The Imagins came from a destroyed timeline from the future, and are the villains that appear in the Kamen Rider Den-O series. They exist as yellow energy spheres and do not have a physical body. When an Imagin possess a human, he use the image in that person's mind to form a body. However, even after possessing a human, the Imagins exists in sandy form in the real world. They would gain a physical body after a contract is formed. A contract is formed when the possessed human tell the Imagin his wish.

The Imagin will interpret and grant the wish in his own erratic manner. (For example, the contract holder wish to become a regular in the soccer team. The Imagin would take out everyone in the team so no one would compete with him to be a regular). A door will open when the wish is granted, and the Imagin will use the door to fly to the contract holder's past and wreck havoc, affecting the present timeline. The Imagin is connected to the contract holder until the contract is completed. If the contract holder dies before the contract is completed, the Imagin will also disappeared.

A person possessed by an Imagin can be identified by having sands of time dripping from his body.


List of Imagin

Imagin Episode Voice Actor Legend
Bat Imagin 01, 02 Yanada Kiyoyuki (梁田清之) The Bat, the Birds, and the Beasts (卑怯なコウモリ)
Chameleon Imagin 03, 04 Kanemaru Junichi (金丸淳一) The Frog Prince (カエルの王子)
Crow Imagin 07, 08 Nishi Rintaro (西 凛太朗) (鳥の王様選び)
Crust Imagin 05, 06 Tsukui Kyousei (津久井 教生) Battle of The Monkey and The Crab (サルカニ合戦)
Deneb 19 (First appear) Ootsuka Houchuu (大塚芳忠) Musashibou Benkei (武蔵坊弁慶)
Ivy Imagin 11, 12 Keiichi Sonobe (園部啓一) Jack and the Beanstalk (ジャックと豆の木)
Jelly Imagin 19, 20 Nakao Ryusei (クラゲのおつかい)
Kintaros 09 (First appear) Terasoma Masaki (てらそま まさき) Kintarou (金太郎)
Momotaros 01 (First appear) Seki Toshihiki (関 俊彦) Momotarou (桃太郎)
Owl Imagin 13, 14 Kuroda Takaya (黒田崇矢) (フクロウと鳥たち)
Rhino Imagin 09, 10 Koyama Tsuyoshi (小山剛志) (はだかのサイ)
Ryuutaros 13 (First appear) Suzumura Kenichi (鈴村健一) None, officially he is formed from Ryoutarou's image of a dragon. But rumored is he's based on the children's literature "Tarou, the Dragon Boy" (龍の子太郎).
Urataros 05 (First appear) Yusa Koji (遊佐浩二) Urashima Tarou (浦島太郎)
Whale Imagin 15, 16 Tadano Youhei (多田野 曜平) Pinocchio (ピノキオ)
Wolf Imagin 17, 18 Hiyama Nobuyuki (檜山修之) Little Red Riding Hood (赤頭巾ちゃん)

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