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12th Heisei Rider series
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The main antagonists of the series. They are homunculi composed of Core and Cell Medals and were created 800 years ago. They have the ability to disguise themselves as humans and create Yummy. Each Greeed represents a different type of animal and has unique elemental powers. They initially had 10 Core Medals but were mindless. Once one of the Core Medals from the set of 10 was destroyed, they gained wills of their own which they desire to be complete due to the loss of the tenth Core Medal. They don't have a sense of touch, smell, or taste and their sense of sight and hearing is dulled. Even with all nine Core Medals, a Greeed's desire won't be fulfilled ever even if they destroyed the entire world. Core Medals are unable to be detected by modern technology such as when Eiji had the Purple Medals go inside of his body and x-rays show that they weren't there at all.

  • Dinosaur Greeeds - Created some time after the initial set of Greeeds since the other Greeeds did not know of the existence of the Purple Medals that composed of the Dinosaur Greeed. When Maki open the container which had the Purple Medals, he removed one of them to make them active. Five of the Medals went into Eiji while the other five went into Maki. It began a process called Greeedification which they would slowly become Greeeds. They have the ability to destroy the other Core Medals since they desire nothingness and their element is ice. The Yummy created from them are like Gamel which they are fully grown from the start and yield only one Cell Medal but they are created from objects that represent the end of something and based on mythical or extinct animals like dinosaurs.
In Movie War Core, there was a Dinosaur Greeed named Gill that appeared. His appearance is considered to be noncanon due to the Purple Medals being sealed for a long time in the TV series.

Greeed is based on the word greed obviously but the reason for the third "e" is due to create a similarity to OOO with having three "O".

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