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An Imagin and one of the main characters on Kamen Rider Den-O.

Voice Actor: Seki Toshihiki 関俊彦

Suit Actor: Takaiwa Seiji 高岩成二


Momotaros is the first Imagin to possess Nogami Ryoutarou. He does not know Ryoutarou is a Singular Point before the possession. His image of a red Oni is based on Momotarou, a hero of Ryoutarou's when he was young.

Catch Phrases

Ore Sanjou = Momotaros' big announcement that he has arrived. Literally translates to "I'm here!" A number of variations exist.

Ore Futatabi Sanjou = I'm here again!

From start to finish, I'm at a climax!

Go! Go! Go!

Hissatsu! My hissatsu attack!


Momotaros has the personality of a gang boss. He likes to fight and does not care who his opponent is, which is why he has no problem fighting against his fellow Imagins as Den-O and ignore the Imagins' original mission. He despite Ryoutarou at first, complaining about Ryoutarou's physical weakness and Ryoutarou's terrible sense that created the name "Momotaros" and the image of his body. He'd possess and use Ryoutarou's body without Ryoutarou's permission. Until one time Ryoutarou got mad, and refused to summon Momotaros even when fighting with an Imagin. Ryoutarou was unable to fight effectively in Plat Form and almost got himself killed, but insisted not to summon Momotaros to turn into Sword Form until Momotaros apologized and promised to never possess his body again without permission. Momotaros developed new respect for Ryoutarou after this incident. He and Ryoutarou developes a strong bond over the course of the series, and is the only one able to get to Ryoutarou when Ryoutarou refuses to fight with his four Imagins anymore.

He opposes other Imagins joining Den-O, and often bicker with the newcomers over almost everything. However, like most gang leaders he does look after his comrades. When Den-O Gun Form was beaten, he showed concern for the wounded Ryoutarou and Ryuutaros, and was ready to repay the Imagin who did it. He was also obviously upset when Urataros, Kintaros and Ryuutaros disappeared due to the events happened in the movie, and was overjoyed when they returned (though he didn't show in front of the others).

His nose can detect and catch the scents of Imagins, which is how the DenLiner crew finds out about Imgains close by. He is terrified of dogs, and does not know how to swim.

Expect for Ryoutarou and Naomi, Momotaros gives everyone nicknames:

  • He addresses Hana as Hanakuso Onna (ハナクソ女 Hanakuso on'na), which means "stinky flower woman";
  • He addresses Owner simply as Old man (おっさん Ossan);

For Imagins:

  • He addresses Urataros as Turtle (カメ Kame) or Kameko (カメ公 Kame Kō);
  • He addresses Kintaros as Bear (クマ Kuma) or Kumako (クマ公 Kuma Kō);
  • He addresses Ryuutaros as Snot-nosed brat (ハナタレ小僧 Hanatare Kozō). Though he also calls him Ryuuta (リュウタ Ryūta) sometimes;
  • He addresses Deneb as Odebu (おデブ O Debu), which means fatty;
  • He addresses Sieg as Bird Bastard (鳥野郎 Tori Yarō) or Chicken Wings (手羽野郎 Teba Yarō);
  • He addresses Teddy as Tendon (天丼 Tendon), which means a bowl of fried fish and rice.

For enemy Imagins, he calls them "Animal-Name Bastard", depending on the the animal motif that the Imagins are based on.

Kamen Rider Den-O

Henshin Forms:

Involved Forms:

Weapon Form:

Image Motif

Momotaros, Den-O Sword Form and DenLiner Gouka's designs are inspired by the popular Japanese fairy tale Momotarou (桃太郎 Momotarō).

  • Momotaros is based on an Oni;
  • Sword Form is based on a peach;
  • DenLiner Gouka's weapons are modeled after the three animal friends (a dog, a monkey and a pheasant) Momotarou met during his journey.


  • Momo in Japanese means peach (桃 Momo), but it also means thigh (腿 Momo).