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1st Heisei Rider series
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Kamen Rider Kuuga's enemy



What the Grongi use to refer to "The Game".

Types of Grongi

  • Ba - Insect and spider species
  • Zeba - A special type of "ba". Special or holy bugs.
  • Da - Land mammals.
  • Gi - Fish and other aquatic animals.
  • Re - Reptiles and amphibians.
  • Gu - Birds and winged animals.
  • De - Plant and fungus life forms.

Player Types

Zu League
The lowest level Gegeru players. They have the right to participate first. They tend to have few abilities and the poorest communication abilities. Their buckles are brown.
Their leader is Zu Zain Da ズ・ザイン・ダ.
Me League
The mid-level Gegeru players. They are next in line to participate in the Gegeru. They tend to be talented and are capable of using Japanese. However, their abilities pale compared to the Go league, and they tend to use Grongi when speaking. They can use specialized abilities compared to the Zu league. Their belts are dazzling silver in color.
Go League
The high level Gegeru players. The winners are allowed the right to participate in the Zagibasu Gegeru ザギバス・ゲゲル. There are only 10 members in this league, but this pretty much means these are the top 10 strongest Grongi. Tend to speak more Japanese than Grongi language. More talented and ferocious than any of the other Grongi. Their buckles are black iron in color.

Non-player Types

Manages the Gegeru behind the scenes. They do not participate in the Gegeru.

Ra Group
A group that only watches or observes the Gegeru. In the show there are only two of these characters.
Nu Group
A group that creates weapons and tools needed for the Gegeru. In the show Zajio ザジオ is the only one.
Be Group
The lowest level group. They can participate in the Gegeru, but the Zu can take away this right.

N Type

The strongest Grongi. Called "The one to bring the greatest darkness." Their buckles are golden.

N Daguba Zeba ン・ダグバ・ゼバ
A special Grongi with the N designation. The strongest Grongi kaijin.
N Gamio Zeba ン・ガミオ・ゼダ
Appears in the Kamen Rider Kuuga world of Kamen Rider Decade. A wolf type Grongi kaijin.Is hinted at in the original show, but never appears.

List of Grongi in Kuuga

  • Ra Baruba De ラ・バルバ・デ / The rose tattoo woman / Unidentified Lifeform No. B-1 - Nanamori Mie
  • Zu Gooma Gu ズ・ゴオマ・グ(Voice/human form) - 藤王みつる
  • Go Gadoru Ba ゴ・ガドル・バ(Voice/human form)- Gunji Masato
  • Ra Dorudo Gu ラ・ドルド・グ(Voice/human form) - Basara Tenmei
  • Nu Zajio Re ヌ・ザジオ・レ - 高月忠
  • N Daguba Zeba ン・ダグバ・ゼバ(Voice/human form) - Urai Kenji

  • Zu Gumun Ba ズ・グムン・バ (1-2) - Sakaguchi Tetsuo
  • Zu Gooma Gu ズ・ゴオマ・グ (2) - (Voice/human form) 藤王みつる
  • Zu Mebio Da ズ・メビオ・ダ (3-4) - Voice: 西條久美子, Human: Shiratori Chikako
  • Zu Bajii Ba ズ・バヅー・バ (5-6) - Voice/Human: Ogawa Nobuyuki
  • Me Bajisu Ba メ・バヂス・バ (7-8) - Voice/Human: Kawai Shu
  • Me Giiga Gi メ・ギイガ・ギ (9-10) - Voice/Human: 白井雅士
  • Zu Zain Da ズ・ザイン・ダ (11-12) - Voice/Human: Nogami Akira
  • Me Biran Gi メ・ビラン・ギ (13-14) - Voice/Human: 大橋寛展
  • Me Gyarido Gi メ・ギャリド・ギ (15-16) - Voice/Human: 石橋直
  • Me Gadora Da メ・ガドラ・ダ (17) - Voice/Human: 西川義郎
  • Me Ginoga De メ・ギノガ・デ (18-19) - Voice/Human: Aoyama Yuu
  • Me Ginoga De メ・ギノガ・デ (20) - Mutation
  • Me Garume Re メ・ガルメ・レ Unidentified Lifeform No. 31 (21-22) - Voice/Human: Mori Masaharu
  • Me Garima Ba メ・ガリマ・バ Unidentified Lifeform No. 36 (23-24) - Voice/Human: Iijima Miho (Now goes by Kido Miho)
  • Go Zouro Gu ゴ・ブウロ・グ (25-26) - Voice/Human: Takao Kouichi
  • Go Bemiu Gi ゴ・ベミウ・ギ (27-28) - Voice/Human: Itou Seiko
  • Go Badaa Ba ゴ・バダー・バ (27-28) - Voice/Human: Ogawa Nobuyuki
  • Go Gamego Re ゴ・ガメゴ・レ (29-30) - Voice/Human: Sakai Kazuyoshi
  • Go Badaa Ba ゴ・バダー・バ (31-33)
  • Go Jaraji Da ゴ・ジャラジ・ダ (34-35) - Voice/Human: Ookawa Masayoshi
  • Go Zazaru Ba ゴ・ザザル・バ (37-37, 39) - Voice/Human: 朝倉ちあき
  • Zu Gooma Gu Powered Up Form ズ・ゴオマ・グ強化体 (36-38)
  • Zu Gooma Gu Ultimate Form ズ・ゴオマ・グ究極体(38-39)
  • Go Gadoru Ba ゴ・ガドル・バ(37-38)- Voice/human: Gunji Masato
  • Go Jaaza Gi ゴ・ジャーザ・ギ (40-41) - Voice/Human: Arai Sumire
  • Go Baberu Da ゴ・バベル・ダ (42) - Voice/Human: 桜井顕生
  • Go Gadoru Ba ゴ・ガドル・バ (43-46) - Voice/human: Gunji Masato
  • Ra Dorudo Gu ラ・ドルド・グ(45-46)- Voice/human: Basara Tenmei
  • N Daguba Zeba ン・ダグバ・ゼバ (47-48) - Voice/human: Urai Kenji

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