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15th Heisei Rider series
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The Inves (インベス Inbesu) are a race of monsters that appear on the show Kamen Rider Gaim.

What Inves Are

The Inves are strange monsters that are thought to only exist within the newly popular Inves Games, which involves Lock Seeds. They are eventually revealed to be monstrous animals from a place called the Helheim Forest

The Inves are eventually revealed to be creatures that were transformed after devouring the fruit from Helheim's plants. Most of them are believed to be the indigenous life forms that existed in Helheim before the plants appeared there, but some of the Inves are actually former humans.

Inves Traits

The Inves are revealed to have a virus. When their victims are attacked, sometimes they will get infected and have plants from Helheim grow out of them.

The Inves Games

The Yggdrasill Corporation is a powerful entity that controls many aspects of Zawame City. Street dancing is a popular past time among youths in the city. There are free stages all around the city, consequently causing dance groups called Beat Riders to fight over them. This led way to the popular Inves Game, which allowed them to battle with Inves for control over the free stages.

The game is played by two opponents using Lock Seeds. The seeds open a zipper into another dimension and the Inves appear to fight. In the game form, the Inves are smaller and controlled by whomever holds the Lock Seed. If the player drops the seed, the Inves is freed from the Lock Seed's control.

Beserker State Inves

Green Inves

Blue Inves

Red Inves


They call themselves the Femshinmu.

  • Overlord Inves Demushu デェムシュ
The Red Overlord
Voiced by Sugita Tomokazu
First appearance Episode 23
The first Overlord encountered. He first appears in a picture in Ryouma's position. He's extremely violent and thinks little of the humans.
  • Overlord Inves Redue レデュエ
Green Overlord
Voiced by Tsuda Kenjiro
First appearance Episode 24
Her design is very Chinese-looking and he appears to wield a halberd. She's the first Overlord to reveal that she knows Japanese.
According to Kamen Rider Ex vol. 1 Redue is female.
  • Overlord Inves Roshuo ロシュオ
Blue Overlord
Voiced by Nakata Jouji
First appearance Episode 27
Also known as the Overlord King. He has a cape, appears to wear a haori, and has what looks like a hood as part of his head.
Since blue represents the Japanese-style Inves, it's a funny nod to the Japanese ego that this Inves is the king of the other ones.

Subordinate Overlords

  • Overlord Inves Duduonshu デュデュオンシュ
Green Overlord
Voiced by Ueda Yoji
Redue's follower. He has red phoenix tail feathers.
First appearance Episode 33
His name translated roughly means "Suzaku" one of the four mythical Chinese animals.
  • Overlord Inves Gurinsha グリンシャ
White Overlord
Voiced by Anai Yuuki
Roshuo's follower.
First appearance Episode 34
  • Overlord Inves Shinmugurun シンムグルン
Green Overlord
Voiced by
Redue's follower.
First appearance Episode 38
His name translates to "Genbu" one of the four mythical Chinese animals.


  • There are three different type of Inves that feature Chinese (Green), Japanese (Blue), and Western (Red). Each type of Inves design come from different designers:
    • Chinese (Green): Akihiro Yamada
    • Japanese (Blue): Tamotsu Shinohara
    • Western (Red): Niθ
    • The green ones are based on Chinese mythical creatures.
  • The name Inves comes from an abbreviation of the term "Invasive Species".

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