Virgo Zodiarts

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Voiced by Tanaka Rie 田中 理恵

Previous Zodiarts: Unknown

Supernova: Unknown


Cold and detached. She helps Gamou by sending people to the Dark Nebula. She appears to despise Hayami Kouhei.


Virgo's main ability is teleport or warp drive as it's called in the Fourze universe. She has the ability to send people to faraway places in an instant and send failed Horoscopes to the Dark Nebula. In combat, Virgo uses her staff and can summon energy balls. These energy balls can be mini black holes. She can avoid Meteor's flying fists Limit Break easily by using her teleport ability. When she removes her mantle, a set of angel wings are revealed. These wings allow her to fly and even block attacks. She is capable to produce barriers that can block attacks from Fourze's Cosmic States and Meteor Storm. She is one of the strongest Horoscopes and might be even on par with the Leo Zodiarts.


She helps Meteor figure out who Pegasus Zodiarts is, but this might have been to further Gamou's goals.

In episode 41, when Gamou's plans move into its final stages, Virgo Zodiarts starts appearing before the Kamen Rider Club members one by one. She threatens them and makes each of them quit the club.

Identities Revealed

In episode 41, Kengo sends a Nugget Foodroid after Virgo. Virgo ends up crushing Nuggeropa in her hands.

Later in the episode, Tachibana is helping Fourze train to use the Cosmos Switch by himself. However, Kengo cancels the training when the Nuggets tell him that they detect Neggeropa's remnants on his hand. It is revealed that Tachibana has been Virgo all this time.

Eventually, the Rider Club learn that Virgo and Tachibana are both Emoto Kuniteru.


  • The clue that Emoto is Virgo is from his name, it's an anagram of Otome which is Japanese for "maiden". Plus Virgo in Japanese is Otomeza.
  • Virgo and Emoto both have the same response to situations when people think they're good. When Meteor thought Virgo was good, and when Tomoko thought Emoto were good, he responds with, "Looks like you underestimate me."
  • Virgo is the second Horoscopes where their human gender is different from their Zodiarts gender. Scorpion was the first with being female as a human but male as a Zodiarts.
  • With Emoto being both Virgo and Tachibana, he might one of the first characters to have two separate alter egos.