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速水 公平

Played by: Amano Kousei 天野 浩成

The charismatic principal of Ama High on Kamen Rider Fourze. Also known as Principal Hayami.

First appearance: Kamen Rider Fourze 13

Catchphrase: Make a wish upon a star 星に願いを Hoshi ni negai wo


Hayami Kouhei has a Ph.D in Physics before becoming principal of Ama High. Sometime before the series started, he converted Sonoda into the Scorpion Zodiarts. He makes his first appearance in the series in Episode 13 to calm down the fears of the parents due to the recent Zodiarts attacks. In the following episode, he appears as Libra to Fourze in order to protect the identity of the Scorpion Zodiarts. He takes over Sonoda's job of handing out Switches to students as he guides Sonoda on the proper job of doing it.

While meeting with a student to give a Zodiarts Switch, he was interrupted by Fourze and ends up losing the Switch. It lead to Kijima picking up the Switch and becoming the Pegasus Zodiarts and eventually evolving into Cancer. Hayami develops a personal hatred for him since he was not one of his chosen and Kijima does not respect him. He ends up getting the upper hand on Kijima when he tricked Virgo to send him to the Dark Nebula by using his power to disguise him as a detective.

Hayami soon realizes that he is on the chopping block for his inability to produce Horoscopes and constant defeats by Fourze and Meteor. Gamou gives him the task of destroying four pillars in Kyoto to collapse the Hole in Kyoto. To help him with the task, Gamou has Leo to help him but Hayami resented the help. While drinking at a bar, Hayami and Kou got into a fight which Kou easily won. Even though Hayami was able to complete the task, his defeat by Fourze was enough to be sent to the Dark Nebula. In a matter of desperation, Hayami was able to achieve Supernova and prove to Gamou that he is still useful. For now, Hayami's trip to the Dark Nebula is postponed.


Hayami is considered to be a lady killer for his good looks and charming personality. That charming personality is just a mask of his true personality. He gets rather irritated when people look down on him which is every Horoscope except for Scorpion. He personally hates Kijima and Yamada for disrespecting him especially for Kijima since it was his blunder that gave Kijima the chance to become a Horoscope in the first place. He tries to please Gamou greatly for his own happiness but also fear of being placed in the Dark Nebula. That is Hayami's greatest fear.

While fighting as Libra, he is calm and collective while playing around with the enemy via his illusions.

Libra Zodiarts[edit]

Previous Zodiarts: Unknown

Supernova: Laplace's Eye

Libra has the ability of illusions. He primary uses it to disguise himself but is able to use it on other people. This power can be also use to create false images. He carries a staff similar to a Buddhist monk which can emit lightning. His Supernova ability is Laplace's Eye which allows him to see what Horoscope people can turn into if they were allow the opportunity. Recently he gained the ability with Laplace's Eye to detect all the Horoscope Switches.


  • Kouhei means fairness in Japanese which represents Libra's scales.
  • Libra has turned Yuuki, Kengo, Tomoko, and even Fourze himself with his power.