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38th Sentai Series
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Shadow Line

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The enemies of the Toqgers.

Their trains are called Kurainers (クライナー). It's a portmanteau of Kurai/Dark with Liner. Might also be a combination of Cry and Liner. There is a picture of the toy with it written as Cryner in English, but this is probably the same mistake that we made in our early subs.

Kurainer spelled as Cryner

Emperor of Darkness Zett[edit]


Played by Ohkuchi Kengo

According to his actor, the proper spelling for this character's name is just Z. [1] In one of the photo books, his name is spelled Zet with one t though.

General Schwarz[edit]

ShadowLine Cast5 2.jpg

Voiced by Jou Haruhiko

Name means "black" in German.

Baron Nero[edit]

ShadowLine Cast3 2.jpg

Voiced by Fukuyama Jun Name means "black" in Italian. Has a plague doctor mask.

Madame Noire[edit]

ShadowLine Cast4 2.jpg

Voiced by Hisakawa Aya

Name means "black" in French. Dressed liked a noble woman.

Lady Glitter[edit]

ShadowLine Cast6 2.jpg

Voiced by Hidaka Noriko

It's not too clear what the etymology of this name is. It looks like Glitter in Japanese, except it's missing the dash at the end that's typical in the Japanese katakana for "glitter". After the events in episode 12, it seems like it really was intended to mean "glitter". The kaijin wiki also suspects it's Grigio which is Italian for "grey". [2] There's a theory that her name is Grita from the Spanish word "negrita" which means "black girl", but this seems like kind of a stretch.

She has two small wings on her back that she doesn't use. Among the Shadow Line members, only her eyes glow, which is something that appeals to the Emperor.

Marchioness Mørk[edit]


Voiced by Suzuki Reiko

She's the new commander that's introduced in this episode. The eldest member of the Shadow Line. She's in charge of the Shadow Towns.
Her voice actress also does the Shadow Line announcements. It is unknown if they are supposed to be from this character.
Her name means darkness in Norwegian.



The grunts of the series. Their name comes from "black" in Japanese, which is Kuro.

Shadow Kaijin[edit]


The monsters of the week.

Kaijin Japanese Episode Actor
Bag Shadow バッグシャドー Starting Station Egawa Hisao
Sabre Shadow サーベルシャドー Station 02 Shimura Tomoyuki
Chain Shadow チェーンシャドー Station 03 Morita Junpei
Stove Shadow ストーブシャドー Station 04 Sakaguchi Kouichi
Bucket Shadow バケツシャドー Station 05 Nakamura Daiki
Hankou Shadow ハンコシャドー Station 07 Hamada Kenji
Bakudan Shadow バクダンシャドー Station 08 Imaruoka Atsushi
Marionette Shadow マリオネットシャドー Station 09 Uchiyama Kouki
Type Shadow タイプシャドー Station 10 Matsumoto Yasunori
Lamp Shadow ランプシャドー Station 11 - 12 Suwabe Junichi
Loupe Shadow ルーペシャドー Station 13 Tobe Kouji
Soujiki Shadow ソウジキシャドー Station 14 Takagi Wataru
Hammer Shadow ハンマーシャドー Station 15 - 16 Cho
Ring Shadow リングシャドー Station 18 Miyake Kenta
Fence Shadow フェンスシャドー Station 19 Shiga Katsuya
Jack-in-the-Box Shadow ジャックインザボックスシャドー Station 20 Mizushima Takahiro
Shabon Shadow シャボンシャドー Station 21 Ichijou Kazuya
Overseer Rook 管理人ルーク Station 24 Kanna Nobutoshi
Pinspot Shadow Shadow ピンスポシャドー Station 25 Futamata Issei
Coin Shadow コインシャドー Station 26 Kuranuki Masahiro
Overseer Bishop 管理人ビショップ Station 27 Kirimoto Takuya
Bottle Shadow ボトルシャドー Station 29 Nakahara Shigeru
Wig Shadow ウィッグシャドー Station 30 Yabe Masahito
Table Shadow テーブルシャドー Station 31-32 Ishizuka Unsho
Chair Shadow チェアシャドー Station 31-32 Matsuno Taiki
Chuushaki Shadow
Syringe Shadow
チュウシャキシャドー Station 33 Madono Mitsuaki
Billiard Shadow ビリヤードシャドー Station 34 Fujimoto Takahiro
Mannenhitsu Shadow
Fountain Pen Shadow
マンネンヒツシャドー Station 36 Tobita Nobuo
Overseer Knight 管理人ナイト Station 37 Sakaguchi Daisuke
Film Shadow フィルムシャドー Station 38 Ishikawa Hideo
Boseki Shadow
Tombstone Shadow
ボセキシャドー Station 39 Tatsuta Naoki
Dollhouse Shadow ドールハウスシャドー Station 43 Kawamoto Kunihiro


  • Hidaka Noriko (Lady Glitter's V/O) was Nakahara Keiko from Battle Fever J.

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