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14th Heisei Rider series
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The primary antagonists of Kamen Rider Wizard. They are led by Wiseman. They are being born from humans that have high magic potential known as Gates. When a Gate is put into despair, they give birth to a Phantom which they are not considered to be human anymore. They assume the human form they were born from but the human itself exists no more. The current goal of the Phantoms is to create more Phantoms so Wiseman can hold a Sabbath.

The absolute law that all Phantoms must follow is that they can't kill a Gate which is akin of killing a Phantom before it's born. Any Phantom who breaks this law is sentenced to execution. Also Phantoms do not have a sense of taste.

Commander Phantoms


Voiced by Furukawa Toshio

  • First appearance(veiled): Episode 8
  • First appearance(Phantom form revealed): Episode 14
Seems to be the leader of the Phantoms and can open a Sabbath. He lives in some underground cavern and hides behind a white bed curtain. He gave Phoenix and Medusa their current orders. He is able to create magic stones like the blue magic stone in episode 14. He had knowledge of Beast's belt and possibly the one who sealed it long ago.
Phantom form is based on the monster Carbuncle, which has a jewel in its head and a rabbit-like body. Wiseman also has white skin and a jewel in his body. A Carbuncle is also the name of a gemstone and a skin infection.

Phantom Medusa


For more details see this character's personal page.

Phantom Phoenix


  • Yuugo ユウゴ - played by Atsumi
  • First appearance: Episode 1
His weapon is named Catastrophe カタストロフ.
Usually accompanies Misa with her duties and acts as surivellence on Wiseman's orders. He's loose and not as professional as Misa. He reveals that sometimes he can be a hothead and will just lose it when enough stress is put on him.
After Gnome was defeated, he became very frustated with Wizard and demending to directly bring Gates to despair, After Misa told him he was not allow to interfere directly, he went to Wiseman to get permission directly which he allow it and gave him a plan to bring Itou Hiroki to despair. Yuugo attacked Itou Mikiko and confronted Wizard. He managed to overpower Wizard easily. He proceed to attack Hiroki's father but Wizard manage to save him from further injury. Using the power of Flame Dragon Style, Wizard was able to defeat Phoenix but unknowingly he was able to resurrect himself.
While trying to protect Naoki, Haruto encounters a resurrected Phoenix was surprised by it. On Christmas Eve, Phoenix bumps into Tatsurou which Medusa realized that he was a Gate. So she gave him permission to drive him into despair and birth a new Phantom. He managed to accomplish this by burning Tatsurou's presents to the children in the orphanage. Wizard tries to use Flame Dragon to defeat Phoenix like last time but this time, Phoenix was able withstand the attack. Wizard was able to defeat Phoenix with a combination of Blizzard and Water Slash Strike to freeze him and finishing him off with Dragon's Tail. After defeating Tatsurou's Phantom in the Underworld, Wizard sees Phoenix being resurrected from the ice shards.
During a very stormy night, Phoenix beats up random drunks which Rinko sees him screaming out in the rain. He is currently frustrated with being unable to attack Wizard due to Wiseman saying so. Rinko investigates Phoenix and discovers he used to be a worker at a flower shop who wanted his own flower shop. Also he was a gentle soul unlike the rampaging, hateful Phoenix now. After being called a savage beast and unable to take out his anger on Beelzebub, Phoenix sees Rinko at the flower shop and decides to tail her. She eventually arrives at Yuugo's old apartment which he meets her face to face. Phoenix tells Rinko that he's a Phantom and mentions about Beelzebub's servants controlling people. After Rinko removes all of Beelzebub's servants, she returns to Phoenix's place in order to get him to fight the other Phantoms on the side of good. Rinko thought she was getting through to Phoenix but ended up making Phoenix not caring about Wiseman's agenda anymore and wants to rampage. He emits an aura of fire that knocks out Rinko.
Sora saves Rinko and uses her as bait to draw out Wizard. While waiting for Wizard, he fights Medusa and was turned to stone but he manages to break the spell. That causes Medusa to run off. He confronts Wizard once again which he was able to hold off Water Dragon form but was defeated with a combination of Hurricane Dragon's Kick Strike and Slash Strike. Unlike the previous defeats, Phoenix was able to regenerate very quickly and overcame Land Dragon's Gravity attack. Beast shows up and distracts Phoenix while Wizard leaves with Rinko. Then Phoenix begins to rampage to draw out Wizard but Beast shows up again. Disappointed that Beast was there instead of Wizard, Phoenix has Beast fight some Ghuls and give Wizard a message to fight him at the place they first fought. The following day, Phoenix and Wizard had their battle which Wizard used the full power of the Drago Timer to become All Dragon and sent Phoenix to the sun where he would constantly die and resurrect himself in a never-ending cycle.
His Phantom powers allow him to emit Hellfire which can withstand Wizard's Water Style attacks but unable to overcome Flame Dragon's flame. He can create bird like projectiles. He can resurrect himself from attacks that normally be death to other Phantoms. He has a heavy sword as a weapon called the Catastrophe which he can channel Hellfire into it. He can create a set of wings and extend them for a fiery attack.
In human form he wears an armlet on his right arm that matches Misa's.
Maybe his name is short for yuugou/fusion?

Phantom Gremlin


  • Sora ソラ - played by Maeyama Takahisa
  • First appearance: Episode 18
  • Name Revealed: Episode 22 (Was known as Mysterious Youth previously)
  • Phantom Form Revealed: Episode 23
  • His scissor blades are called Rapture ラプチャー.

Not much is known about Sora at this time. He appeared to Koyomi who identified him as a Phantom which he gave her a magic stone to give to Wizard. He saves Rinko from Phoenix and suggested to him that he should use her as bait to draw out Wizard. He even helps Phoenix to draw out Wizard by giving Shunpei Rinko's badge and later tells Haruto where Rinko was. Sora even tells Medusa about Phoenix not caring about the Wiseman's agenda even though he tells Phoenix he doesn't like Wiseman's agenda himself. After Phoenix was forced into the sun by Wizard, Sora offered his services to Medusa but she does not trust him. Then Sora revealed his Phantom form as Gremlin.

Sora helps out Weretiger to bring Nitou's grandmother into despair by kidnapping Shunpei. He manages to use Griffon for his own use when he planted it in one of Medusa's lairs while keeping Weretiger's location a secret. After tangling with Wizard and Beast, he abandons Weretiger after it was boring to him. Gremlin helps Medusa with bringing Takako to despair while Medusa was with her sister. He later reveals to Beast and Wizard that Mayu was a gate and later rushes to the fight between Medusa and Wizard to see the result.

Gremlin has shown incredible speed and agility but also he is able to appear in and out of solid objects particularity the ground and walls. He wields dual swords which the set is refer to as Rapture.

Sora has probably been scouting Haruto and his friends for some time with saying Koyomi is a puppet and Shunpei as Haruto's assistant. He constantly chews and blows bubblegum and usually says "HELLOOOOO~". Sora uses the human names of Phoenix and Medusa along with not liking being called a Phantom.

Trivia - Sora's name means Sky in Japanese. One of the first examples of a Gremlin in modern culture is the one famously on the wing of an airplane, terrorizing a paranoid passenger in a Twilight Zone episode. Airplane, sky, sora. Also, the actor for Gremlin was given a stuffed Gizmo toy from the movie Gremlins by the Wizard staff.

In episode 34, his name is revealed to be Takigawa Sora 滝川空. Takigawa means "rapids, rushing water". As a human, he was a stylist, which explains why his weapons as Gremlin combine into scissors.

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details about The last episode follow.

It turns out that Gremlin tells everyone to call him Sora, because he really genuinely hates being a Phantom. His ultimate goal is to steal the Philosopher's Stone and to turn into a human again. When Wizard calls him Gremlin in the last episode, he becomes enraged.

Minion Phantoms

Phantom Minotaros

Gate: Amino

  • Played by: RIKIYA
  • Appearance: Episode 1

Amino was a detective who became Daimon Rinko's partner so he could make Rinko fall into despair to give birth to a Phantom. He was defeated by Wizard's Kick Strike Attack.

Minotaros uses a halberd and can create fireballs. He also uses his horns to charge at his opponents.

The clue that Amino was the Phantom was the damaged horn on Minotaros and the bandage on Amino's head.

Phantom Hellhound

Gate: Tajima Kazuo

Tajima Kazuo was a morning TV host who used his influence to get Nara Shunpei humiliated on national television as Shunpei was trying to show off his magic. He was defeated by Wizard's Water Slash Strike.

As Phantom Hellhound, he has the power to emit flames and can merge with shadows to hide or take control of humans like he did with Shunpei. He uses a sword in combat and has a motorcycle called Black Dog.

The clue that Tajima was the Phantom was that Hellhound would use the word kyoushuku when he's around Medusa and Phoenix, then he used that word again when he first meets Shunpei.

Phantom Cait Sidhe

Gate: Name Unknown but identity is known

  • Played by: Bernard Ackah
  • Appearance: Episodes 4-5

Cait Sidhe is a black man who lives in a junkyard. He was asked by Medusa and Phoenix to bring Takagi Eisaku to despair. Unlike the previous Phantoms, his methods of trying to bring Takagi to despair are a bit more direct since he rather be lazy around the junkyard than really work hard. He would constantly try to chop off the hands of Takagi so he couldn't play the piano. His final attempt to bring Takagi to despair consisted of using Ghuls to attack the music hall where the contest was being held. He was defeated by Wizard's Hurricane Slash Strike.

Cait Sidhe's abilities consist mostly of his agility and quickness. He can use the spikes on his body to attack or defend. Also he can create a blade for each arm to act as wrist swords.

The TV-Asasi site for Wizard has Cait Sith for the spelling.

Phantom Gnome

Gate: Name Unknown but goes by Sommelier

The man known as Sommelier runs an unknown bar that specializes in wine like his namesake. He's assigned to bring Kawasaki Manami to despair. He initially attempts to bring her to despair by disturbing a date between her and Yamagata Kouichi but Wizard interferes and runs away. He avoids unnecessary fighting with Wizard since his main mission is to bring Manami to despair. He successfully tracks Manami and brings her underground but again Wizard interferes and was forced to retreat.

Gnome figures out that to bring Manami to despair is to destroy her childhood home. He tries to accomplished this by burning the house down but Wizard's Water Style puts out the flames. With the help of the Smell Ring to screw up his refined sense of smell, Wizard defeats Gnome with a Drill Kick Strike.

Gnome has the ability to dig underground and has a strong sense of smell. He can also emit energy balls and fights with a trident.

Phantom Gargoyle

Gate: Name Unknown

  • Played by: Yamachi Kenji
  • Appearance: Episodes 10-11

Phantom Gargoyle's human appearance is a middle aged blue collar worker. Six months ago he tried to bring Katayama Naoki to despair but ends up losing him when he was forced to move to Akita. He gets a second chance to bring Naoki to despair when he returns to Tokyo to find out the truth of his father's death. He reveals that he killed Naoki's father and blames him for it because of him being a Gate. This successfully starts Naoki of giving birth to a Phantom. He was defeated when Haruto broke through Gargoyle's petrify shield and use Flame Dragon's Special attack as the finisher.

Gargoyle has the ability to petrify himself so he could deflect blows or even make himself heavier.

Phantom Valkyrie

Gate: Kiritani Ryouya

Kiritani Ryouya was the snack manager of Narushima Department Store when he fell into despair at the Solar Eclipse Ritual six months ago. He is assigned to bring Matsuki, an owner of a Japanese Confectionery shop called Masukian. He targets a delivery that Matsuki's apprentice was mading to their biggest customer and causing them to stop using Masukian as a manju provider. Then he appears to Matsuki in his human form offering him a deal that he couldn't refuse. When Matsuki and Shunpei came to deliver the order of manju, they were surprised that the store didn't order it. Kiritani reveals himself as Phantom Valkyrie which Haruto was already onto the fact that Matsuki was the Gate and intercepted him. Valkyrie captures Shunpei as Haruto got the upper hand with Hurricane Dragon. Valkyrie attacks Tetsuya as he is the last support of Matsuki's heart but after a long fight, Wizard defeats him using the power of Hurricane Dragon.

Valkyrie's main power is the power of flight. He can also shoot green energy bolts from his head and wields a short spear in combat.

Kiritani's name is a hint that he's Valkyrie. Tani in Japanese means "Valley". Valley+kiri = Valkyrie

Valkyries in mythology are usually portrayed as women, so it's interesting that Phantom Valkyrie doesn't appear very feminine. Plus, the original human form is male. His personality is very business-like where he talks about completing his objectives or fulfilling quotas in a business-like manner.

Phantom Lizardman

Gate: Ishii Satoshi

Ishii Satoshi was a college student who directed an independent film called Le Reve Route. But before he could complete the film, he was one of the people who became a Phantom in the Solar Eclipse Ritual. Soon after he became Lizardman, he try to kill Haruto but was repelled by the Mage in White. Lizardman seem to kill Gates during his time as a Phantom which lead to Medusa and Phoenix chasing him down. While being confronted by Medusa, Haruto inadvertently saves Satoshi from being killed by Medusa even though he is a Phantom. Medusa and Phoenix managed to find him again and decides to give him a chance to redeem himself by using Haruto's assumption that Lizardman is a Gate not a Phantom to kill him. After several unsuccessful attempts, he finally fights Haruto head on which Chizuru eventually sees, Lizardman takes her hostage and threaten to kill her but Medusa frees her after realizing that she's a Gate.

Medusa orders Lizardman to use his past friendship with Chizuru to drive her into despair. When she reveals that the movie they made together supporting her heart, he decides to transform into his Phantom form but Haruto blocks her view of the transformation. Haruto holds off Lizardman after she was knocked out. He decides to finish editing the film so he could destroy it in front of her eyes even though revealing that he's a Phantom to her would be enough to drive her into despair. When he goes to meet her, Haruto was waiting for him as he already taken Chizuru away. He fights Haruto one more time but was defeated by the newly acquired Water Dragon Style.

Lizardman has great climbing ability and able to shoot spikes from his forehead. He wields a sword in combat.

Satoshi's director persona comes out when he says to people that "I choose you for the role of today's first corpse".

Phantom Manticore

Gate: Name Unknown but refer to as the Fortune Teller

Manticore was personally assigned by Wiseman to target Nitou Kousuke. He initially attacks Nitou with Ghuls and was intercepted by Wizard. Manticore manages to poison Wizard with his tail before completely fleeing the scene and revealing his human form. Later on, he uses his human disguise as a fortune teller to trick Nitou what is supporting his heart but was unsuccessful. Haruto shows up and reveals to Nitou that the fortune teller is a Phantom but Haruto was too weaken to transform into Wizard due to the poison. Nitou transforms into Kamen Rider Beast and was too poisoned by Manticore. The poison meant nothing to Beast as he uses Dolphi's power to heal himself and Haruto of the poison. Beast uses Falco Six Saber Strike to destroy Manticore.

Manticore's main ability is the ability to poison his enemies via his scorpion tail and use tarot cards as projectiles. He uses a long sword in combat.

Even though he's a fortune teller, it might be suggested that he doesn't know the exact meaning of the tarot cards he uses.

Phantom Hydra

Gate: Name Unknown but refer to as the Diver

Hydra was directed to bring the artist, Oikawa Hiroshi, to despair. His first attempt was cut short due to the appearance of both Wizard and Beast. During his second attempt, Wizard almost defeats him with Water Dragon when Buffa Beast shows up and prevents Wizard in destroying Hydra. Once again, Hydra runs away but manages to overhear how the painting of Oikawa's wife is supporting Oikawa's heart. As Haruto, Rinko, and Shunpei escort Oikawa and the painting to safety, Hydra attacks and manages to destroy the painting. Wizard fights Hydra while Beast tries to save Oikawa from despair. Hydra was defeated by Wizard's Land Dragon form.

Hydra has the ability to extend six tentacles and extremely mobile in water. He wields a short spear in combat.

His human form is wearing a scuba suit and usually near water suggesting that he can't be away from water for a long period of time.

Phantom Beelzebub

Gate: Name Unknown but refer to as the Conductor

  • Played by: IZAM
  • Appearance: Episodes 20-21

Beelzebub was assigned to bring Arai Shiho into despair. He initially appear to her with a group of Ghuls and decided to let her get away after seeing how she desperately tried to get her phone. Beelzebub shows off his calm personality when he used his Connect magic to stop Phoenix from punching him. Then he began to control all of Shiho's friends to hate her along with her husband and Shunpei. Haruto tries to fight Beelzebub again along with Beast but Beelzebub's Connect magic was too much for him and eventually using it to redirect Haruto's Flame Dragon Special attack at himself. Even after Rinko removes all of Beelzebub's servants, he still can control them and does so to gang up on Shiho. Beast tries to stop Beelzebub while Haruto was with the White Mage but he was defeated due to the Connect magic. Haruto returns and defeats Beezlebub using the power of the Drago Timer.

Beelzebub has the ability to use Connect magic like Wizard does but can teleport with it as well. He can create tiny slugs when attached to another person, he can control them. If the slug is removed, he still can control them. He wields a long sword in combat.

Beelzebub has the tendency to act like a music conductor in battle.

Phantom Weretiger

  • Gate: Nitou Toshie
  • Human form - Igawa 井川
  • Played by - Koto Kingorou 虎島キンゴロ
  • Appearance: 24-25

In the credits Igawa is just credited as "The muscular man".

Phantom Weretiger

  • Gate: Nitou Toshie
  • Human form - Igawa 井川
  • Played by - Koto Kingorou 虎島キンゴロ
  • Appearance: 24-25

In the credits Igawa is just credited as "The muscular man".

Phantom Spriggan


  • Gate: Nakamoto Osamu
  • Human form: Guard
  • Played by - Cotton Kenji
  • Appearance: 28-29

His catchphrase seems to be to call people "Careless". In Japanese this means "insecure", which fits his guard background.

Also, Spriggans were known as fairy bodyguards, so it makes sense that his human form is also a guard.

Continuing on this defense theme, Spriggan possesses a shield that can seemingly block most spell attacks.

Phantom Legion


A Phantom with multiple mouths on his body. He looks for beautiful people. When he finds a person that interests him, he yells out Exciting and attacks them, leaving them in a coma. In his human form he wears a dirty white outfit.

Phantom Bogey


  • Gate - Tsuchiya Masataka
  • Human form - Kasahara 笠原
  • Played by - Yabe Kenji
  • Appearance: 33-34

Even in human form, Bogey is still ghostlike. He talks in a creepy voice, and appears to float from place to place.

Normally TV-Asahi is good about spelling the Wizard monster names, but this time they spelled it Bogy. Short for Bogeyman.

Phantom Argos


  • Gate - Shimizu Chiaki
  • Human form - 小須田明人
  • Played by - Shirosaki Jin
  • Appearance: 34-35

Has multiple eyes all over his body. Can apparently release orbs with eyes on them to attack or spy on people.

He also has a flash attack. And in his human form, he pretends to be a cameraman. Based on the hundred-eyed giant from Greek myth, Argus Panoptes. TV Asahi also spells his name Argus with a u.

Underworld Phantoms

These Phantoms were trapped in the Underworld of the Gate that was beginning to fall into despair.

Phantom Jabberwocky

  • Gate: Daimon Rinko
  • Appearance: Episodes 1

It was created when Minotaros stomped on Rinko's pendant that contained a picture of her father. It appears in Rinko's memory when she was going to hug her father as a child. Its abilities consist mainly of flight and shooting purple balls of energy. It was defeated by Wizard's Flame Slash Strike.

Phantom Cyclops

  • Gate: Nara Shunpei
  • Appearance: Episodes 3

It was created when Hellhound forced Shunpei to burn his childhood book, The Forest Mage. It appears in Shunpei's memory of when he was reading The Forest Mage as a child. Its main attack is swinging its club around. It was defeated by Wizard's Drago Kick Strike.

Phantom Jörmungandr

  • Gate: Katayama Naoki
  • Appearance: Episodes 11

It was created when Gargoyle told Naoki that he being a Gate was why his father was killed in order to protect him from Gargoyle. It appears in Naoki's memory of him in his backyard practicing kendo with Kizaki. It looks like a giant hand but its "fingers" are its heads. It can fire energy balls at its opponents. It was defeated by Wizard's Drago Kick Strike.

Jormungandr is the world snake from Norse myth.

Phantom Hekatonkheir

  • Gate: Tatsurou
  • Appearance: Episode 16

It was created when Phoenix burned Tatsurou's presents to the children of the orphanage. It appears in Tatsurou's memory of him at the orphanage receiving the watch he wears as a Christmas gift. It's a giant with six arms which four of them are carrying weapons (one sword, one axe, and two spears) and wears armor on the chest and head. It was defeated by Wizard's Drago Kick Strike.

Phantom Bandersnatch

  • Gate: Oikawa Hiroshi
  • Appearance: Episode 19

It was created when Hydra destroyed Oikawa's painting of his wife. It appears in Oikawa's memory of him at his house painting it while his wife is still alive. It looks like a giant centipede but with wings and able to split apart into smaller segments of itself. It was destroyed by Khimaria.



The grunts of the series, they have prominent demon horns and show up in great numbers. They are initially rocks until thrown on the ground.

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