Nara Shunpei

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Played by Tozuka Junki (戸塚純貴).

The sidekick character on Kamen Rider Wizard.

TV-Asahi Summary

Wants to be a wizard. Aspires to be Haruto's pupil.

He visits the antique shop often. He tries to help Haruto, but is rarely useful. Is normally a cheerful person. Among Haruto's group, his presence is essential.

He's both a "troublemaker" and a "mood maker".


Nara Shunpei wanted to be a mage ever since he was young when he read The Forest Mage at a library. Years later, he encounters Phantom Hellhound as he was attacking a group of children that he met earlier. Haruto appears and fights Hellhound by transforming into Wizard. Seeing this display of magic from Haruto, Shunpei decides that he wants to learn magic from Haruto but was rejected by Haruto. When Hellhound returns with a bunch of Ghuls, Shunpei was cornered by them. He suddenly emit fire from his finger as a Ghul was approaching him. Haruto arrived on the scene and manages to drive away Hellhound and the Ghuls.

The words for his magic spell are from his children's book. It's Chichin pui pui ちちんぷいぷい. This is a real chant in Japanese. Originally it was used to trick kids into being patient "Chichin pui pui, make the pain go away~"

Shunpei begins to show off his fire magic to the group of children which he was discovered by Tajima Kazuo, a host of a morning show on TV-Yuhi. He has Shunpei to come on his show to show off his magic to all of Japan. Haruto shows up as he was worried about Shunpei since he was a Gate and realizes that the Phantoms are playing a trick on Shunpei. Haruto tells this to Shunpei but it was no use since Shunpei thought Haruto was jealous of his magic. When Shunpei appears on the morning show and tries to do his magic, he was unable to. Then Tajima reveals to him that he was Hellhound and use his ability to go into shadows to give him the ability to use fire magic. He controls Shunpei and makes him burn his book from childhood, The Forest Mage. This makes him fall to despair but was saved by Haruto. Afterwards he forces himself in becoming Haruto's assistant.

It is revealed that he's a grandmother's boy. However his actual grandmother passed away while he was in middle school. However, he instantly bonds with Nitou's grandmother because of this tendency.


Shunpei is rather clumsy and falls down a lot. He is rather cheerful and willing to help people. He always been aspired by magic ever since he was a child.