Kamen Rider Gaim 11

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Episode 11
The Truth Behind the Christmas Game
Kamen Rider Gaim episode
Writer Urobuchi Gen
Mouri Nobuhiro
Director Shibasaki Takayuki
Original air date December 22, 2013 (2013-12-22)
Viewership 4.5%
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Episode chronology
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Episode 10
Big Rider Gathering! Expose the Mystery of the Forest!
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Episode 12
A Next Generation Rider Appears
Episode List
Kamen Rider Gaim
< Ep 10 The Truth Behind the Christmas Game
Ep 12 >
Aired with Kyouryuuger Brave 42

Important things that happened

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Guest Stars


  • Jounouchi Hideyasu / Armored Rider Guridon - Matsuda Ryo 城乃内秀保 - 松田凌
  • Hase Ryouji / Armored Rider Kurokage - Shiramata Atsushi 初瀬亮二 - 白又敦
  • Oren Pierre Alfonzo / Armored Rider Bravo - Yoshida Metal 鳳蓮・ピエール・アルフォンゾ - 吉田メタル
  • Sengoku Ryouma - Aoki Tsunenori 戦極凌馬 - 青木玄徳
  • Rat
  • Rika
  • Chucky

Songs Used


Ranking at the end of the episode
  • Gaim takes a break after this episode for Christmas.
  • According to the lab guys and the TV data, the forest is spelled Helheim and the battle is taking place on Christmas day of 2013.
  • In his anger/haste, Takatora accidentally breaks Kurokage's Sengoku Driver.
  • In the last scene, Team Gaim ends their dance with their hands outreached, almost as if they were holding a Lock Seed in their hand. The scene closes with Lock Seeds flying on the screen and the scene zippering out.
  • Guridon names his Donguri Au Lait attack "Guridon Impact".
  • The final tally for found Lock Seeds were:
    • Ryugen 213
    • Baron 8
    • Guridon 3
    • Bravo 0
    • Kurokage 0


  • "We wanted the power to do something. We all thought that would make us adults."
  • "But you don't become an adult by trying. It just happens when you can no longer be a child."


Kamen Rider Gaim 11 Transcript