Oren Pierre Alfonzo

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Oren Pierre Alfonzo
Japanese 鳳蓮・ピエール・アルフォンゾ
Actor Yoshida Metal
Birth name Oren Gennosuke
Age 40
Alt identity Kamen Rider Bravo
Citizenship Japan and France
Series Kamen Rider Gaim
First appearance Gaim 06

Real name: Oren Gennosuke 鳳蓮厳之介

Played by Yoshida Metal


An artist first and foremost. He seeks the best and the most beautiful out of every aspect of life, and is easily disappointed when things fall short of his expectations.

He's a bit capricious and frequently just does what he wants without thinking deeply about it. He believes in astrology, and flat-out rejects Kouta for being an Aquarius (Since he says they wouldn't be compatible.)

At his day job, he works as the owner of Charmant, which is French for "charming". As a patisserie, his cakes are unparalleled in the prefecture. He spent 10 years training in France to become the chef that he is. Because of that, his speaking style uses a lot of French words for emphasis.

Armored Rider Bravo

See article on Armored Rider Bravo.



  • Oren's actor, Yoshida Metal, turned 42 on November 1st. This makes him one of the oldest regular Riders in a Kamen Rider series.
    • By comparison Jinbo Satoshi was around 39-40 when he played Alternate Zero, which may not even count as a Rider at all. And Matsuda Kenji was 38 when he played Zanki on Decade in 2009.


  • Attends アッタン - Wait a moment
  • Bonsoir ボンソワ - Good evening
  • Ca va de soi - Of course
  • C'est bon - It's good
  • C'est vrai セブレ - That's right
  • Cépage セパージュ - A type of grape vine. Oren uses it to refer to Micchi as Cépage Boy.
  • D'accord - Alright
  • Deux - Two
  • Dis donc - Expression of surprise. "Wow"
  • J'ai faim - I'm hungry
  • Je t'aime - I love you
  • Joie - Joy
  • Juste un momen - Just a moment
  • Merci - Thank you
  • M'étonne - A short/familiar way of saying "çà m'étonne" (it surprises me)
  • Ouverture - Overture
  • Pourquoi - Why
  • Salut - Goodbye
  • Tiens - An expression of surprise
  • Trois - Three
  • Un - One
  • Voilà - There it is

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