Kamen Rider Gaim 23

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Episode 23
Into Battle! Kachidoki Arms!
Kamen Rider Gaim episode
Writer Urobuchi Gen
Director Kaneda Osamu
Original air date March 23, 2014 (2014-03-23)
Viewership 5.6%
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Episode chronology
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Episode 22
The One-in-Seven Truth
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Episode 24
The New Powerful Enemies, the Overlords
Episode List
Kamen Rider Gaim
< Ep 22 Into Battle! Kachidoki Arms!
Ep 24 >
Aired with TQG Station 06
Kamen Rider Taisen >>

Toqger VS Gaim >>>

Important things that happened

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New Armored Riders

Kamen Rider Gaim Kachidoki Arms

K.L.S.-01 Kachidoki Lock Seed (カチドキ)
Victory Cry Lock Seed
KLockSeed 01.png
Arms - Soiya! Kachidoki Arms
Followup sound - Into Battle! Ey Ey Oh! (いざ、出陣!エイエイオー)
Owner - Gaim's main Lock Seed
Weapon - Hinawadaidai-DJ-Ju (火縄大橙DJ銃)


Overlord Inves Demushu


Voiced by Sugita Tomokazu

The red Overlord.


Guest Stars


Song Used



  • Apparently this is the first time Kouta has paid Bandou. (He pays 1000 yen. However, Iyo points out that Kouta still owes the parlour 12,000 yen)
  • Sagara refers to alternate Mai as "first woman".
  • On Kachidoki Arms' sashimono flags are Gaim's symbol.


  • Mitsuzane - "The truth doesn't matter!"
  • Kouta - "In the name of protecting... I sacrifice other people's lives. So what was the point of fighting?! Sacrificing people to save others? I'm just picking favorites then. Am I really protecting anything that way?"
  • Sagara - "Fighting to protect is a contradiction. Having power only means destruction."
  • Sagara - "Get it in your head already! You hate this world's rule of requiring sacrifices for hope. Just smash that rule to bits. Smash it and change the world."
  • Sagara - "Do you know why the Yggdrasill guys are acting the way they are? It's because... they're weak. They can only fight in the confines of that rule. They've given into the cruelty of the world."


Kamen Rider Gaim 23 Transcript