Kamen Rider Drive 18

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Episode 18
Why is Lieutenant Otta After Him?
Kamen Rider Drive episode
Writer Hasegawa Keiichi
Director Ishida Hidenori
Original air date February 15, 2015 (2015-02-15)
Viewership 6.1%
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Episode 17
Who Can Control Dead Heat?
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Episode 19
What is a Detective Judged by?
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Kamen Rider Drive
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Aired with TQG Station 47

Important things that happened[edit]


Judge Roidmude[edit]

Judge Roidmude.png

Human form: Tachibana Shingo (橘真伍)
Played by: Nakazawa Seiroku (中沢青六)
Height: 204cm
Weight: 110kg
Number: 065
Abilities: 武器『ブレードジャッジ』を利用した大電流攻撃。有線電極『ショックジャッジ』を対象に撃ち込み、感電させる



  • Tachibana Shingo / Judge Roidmude - Nakazawa Seiroku 橘真伍 / ジャッジロイミュード - 中沢青六
  • Utsuki Sou (Photographer) - Aoyagi Takaya 宇津木壮 - 青柳尊哉
  • Okajima Touma - Yoshida Goro 岡島冬馬 - 吉田悟郎
  • Okajima Akie - Higashi Ayu 岡島秋絵 - 東亜優
  • Phishing Group Member - Takubo Shuuhei 詐欺集団成員 - 田久保修平
  • Reporter - Seki Naoto リポーター - 関直人
  • Black Candle Member - Murakami Kouhei ブラックキャンドル成員 - 村上耕平
  • Black Candle Member - Hyuuga Kouichi ブラックキャンドル成員 - 日向滉一

Songs Used[edit]


  • The Okajima siblings are named after the seasons. Akie's name is based on Autumn and Touma's is Winter.
  • This episode continues a long tradition of mentor characters named Tachibana-san. This is a reference to Tachibana Toube from V3.

Actor Trivia[edit]


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