Kamen Rider Drive 25

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Episode 25
Why Did This New Battle Begin?
Kamen Rider Drive episode
Writer Sanjou Riku
Director Morota Satoshi
Original air date April 12, 2015 (2015-04-12)
Viewership 7.0%
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Aired with Ninninger Shinobi no 07

Important things that happened


Sword Roidmude

Sword Roidmude.png

Human form: Taga Hajime (多賀始)
Played by: Tani Mitsuyoshi (谷充義)
Height: 230cm
Weight: 137kg
Number: 007
Abilities: 次第に上昇する戦闘力。両腕のブレードから放つエネルギー斬撃


Lackey Roidmude

  • 007 Bat Roidmude
Voiced by Oohara Takashi


Tomari Eisuke


  • Taga Hajime - Tani Mitsuyoshi 多賀始 - 谷充義
  • Nira Mitsuhide - Iida Kisuke 仁良光秀 - 飯田基祐
  • Tomari Eisuke (In photo) - Tare Yanagi 泊英介(写真のみ) - たれやなぎ


Song Used

SURPRISE-DRIVE Performed by Matsuoka Mitsuru of Earnest Drive


  • When Rinna wins at the beginning, she says Dekopin. Dekopin (デコピン) is a punishment game, where the winner gets to flick the loser in the forehead with his or her finger.
  • Hayase was staying in Azusayumi Hospital in the earlier episodes. In this episode he is staying Inao Hospital.
  • In most places in a hospital you are forbidden to use a cellphone. Hayase talked to Shinnosuke in an area where there's a sign that says cellphones are allowed.
  • The news displayed on the Chief's mobile translate as follow:
    • YCC Mobile News
Kamen Rider is the police's secret warrior?
Officer Tomari who transformed into a Kamen Rider.
The identity of the internet rumoured Kamen Rider who has been sending monsters flying, has been revealed. He is police officer Detective Tomari Shinnosuke (24). The police department has not given any official statement on its relationship with the Kamen Riders, but new rumors on the internet says that the Kamen Riders are not the police's armed warriors for dealing with the monsters.
The incident happened in front of Inao Hospital.
  • Roidmude 001 appears to take 007's core.

Actor Trivia


  • 08:32 "Roidumde" should be "Roidmude"
  • 17:20 "Start you engine" should be "Start your engine"


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