Kamen Rider Drive Secret Mission type Zero

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Episode 0
Secret Mission type Zero
シークレット・ミッション type ZERO
Kamen Rider Drive episode
Writer Hasegawa Keiichi
Director Suzumura Nobuhiro
Action Director Ishigaki Hirofumi
Original air date December 13, 2014 (2014-12-13)
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How do I get a Cool Body?
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What happened in Belt's Past?
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Kamen Rider Drive
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シークレット・ミッション type ZERO
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Full title Secret Mission type ZERO Episode 0 Countdown to Global Freeze
シークレット・ミッション type ZERO 第0話 カウントダウン to グローバルフリーズ

This was a bonus DVD handed out to the first million theatergoers for the Drive and Gaim movie.

Important things that happened


Bat-Type Roidmude

Number 005
Voiced/Played by Nomaguchi Toru


  • Nishihori Kouya/Bat Roidmude 005 - Nomaguchi Toru 西堀光也、バット型ロイミュード005 - 野間口徹
  • Kyouei TV News Announcer - Tano Asami TVアナウンサー - 田野アサミ

Songs Used

SURPRISE-DRIVE Performed by Matsuoka Mitsuru of Earnest Drive


  • Kyouei TV is an obvious parody of Toei.
  • The terrorist Copycat Pirates looks like he's dressed as Captain Jack from Pirates of the Caribbean. He calls himself a criminal king, the way Luffy calls himself a pirate king in One Piece.
  • Tomari mentions a Japanese idiom "The mummy thief becomes a mummy himself" (ミイラ取りがミイラになる) in regards to Kouya going from criminal psychologist to criminal.
  • The company Touto is mentioned again. It's a fictional company that has appeared in other episodes of Drive as well as Toqger.
  • Tano Asami is also a voice actress. She provides the voice of Cure Sunny on Precure.


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