Kamen Rider Drive 20

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Episode 20
How Long Has Saijou Kyuu Been A Roidmude?
Kamen Rider Drive episode
Writer Sanjou Riku
Director Kaneda Osamu
Original air date March 1, 2015 (2015-03-01)
Viewership 6.5%
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Episode 19
What is a Detective Judged by?
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What Do You Say to These Unusual Victims?
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Kamen Rider Drive
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Aired with Ninninger Shinobi no 02

Important things that happened


Roidmude (Grim Reapers)

Roidmude (Grim Reapers).png

Human form: None
Played by: None
Height: 206cm
Weight: 109kg
Number: 044 and 094
Abilities: 大鎌『ヘルサイス』や、銃や爪などの武装。メディックの指令のもと複数で行動する


Lackey Roidmude

  • 072 Bat Roidmude
Played by Hamano Kenta



  • Miyu - Tsuji Miyuu ミユ - 辻美優
  • Sign Venue Guest - Shinno Akoya サイン会場の客 - 新野アコヤ

Song Used


  • Kyuu's real name is revealed to be Imai Kenta (今井健太).
    • His nickname is revealed to be based on the Japanese word for The Best (Saijou Kyuu 最上級).
    • His Roidmude is 072. 7+2 = 9, which is also Kyuu in Japanese.
  • Other than 000 (Chase), 072 is the first Roidmude who sided with humans.
  • When Drive makes up a way of announcing himself, he rips off the introduction of CarRanger.
  • Miyu uses a lot of terms that make her sound like an airhead, giving Kyuu more reason to get angry about the decision to cast her as the voice actress.
  • We see Medic's Roidmude form for the first time (at the end).

Actor Trivia

  • Tsuji Miyuu also played Nana from episode 46 of Rescue Fire. Also, her role in this episode is named Miyu, after her own name.


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