Sexy Voice and Robo

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Sexy Voice and Robo
Genre JDorama
Creator Kuroda Iou
Narrator Ikeda Shuuichi
Ending theme "Hitotsu Dake"
by Mitsuki
No. of episodes 11
Fan Rating / 5 Stars
Original channel NTV
Time 10:00 pm-10:54 pm Tuesdays
Original run April 4, 2007 (2007-04-04) – June 19, 2007 (2007-06-19)
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Sexy Voice and Robo (セクシーボイスアンドロボ) is a manga-based Japanese drama. The drama was very different from the manga, but for the most part had the same idea.


Follows a 14-old girl (codename: Sexy Voice) and her partner (codename: Robo) on various spy missions. They call themselves spies, but the show is really a slice of life comedy/drama. The adventures usually resolve themselves with the protagonists learning something important about themselves and the people involved at the end.


Sexy Voice and Robo Spy Team


Robo / Sudou Iichirou - Matsuyama Kenichi ロボ / 須藤威一郎 - 松山ケンイチ

Niko's adult friend. A harmless, perverted mecha otaku. Loves the anime Max Robo. Often incorporates Max Robo into his lingo (e.g. saying "itadakimax" instead of "itadakimasu"). Favorite phrase is "love, courage, and justice". Has a crush on Niko's older sister Kazumi. His birthday, May 22nd, is mentioned in Voice 01 and becomes a part of Voice 07's story, when it would have aired. Shares the same birthday as Niko.

Sexy Voice / Hayashi Niko - Ohgo Suzuka ニコ / 林二湖 - 大後寿々花

Master of seven voices. Niko's voices: 千葉繁、住友優子、伊倉一恵、加藤英美里
14 years old. A second year middle schooler with heightened hearing and the ability to mimic any voice she encounters. She shares the same birthday as Robo.

Niko's Family


Hayashi Kazumi - Murakawa Eri 林一海 - 村川絵梨

Niko's older sister. A university student attending Robo's alma mater. Robo has a crush on her. Her hobby is collecting tags from clothing she buys. Throughout the series, she is seen working various part-time jobs.

Hayashi Takeo - Tsukamoto Shinya 林竹男 - 塚本晋也

Niko's father. Has been collecting milk bottle caps since he was in elementary. He got married "mostly out of love", although it was an arranged marriage.

Hayashi Yukie - Katagiri Hairi 林雪江 - 片桐はいり

Niko's mother. A homemaker. Her hobby is photography and she enjoys superstitious fads. She is strong-willed, assertive, and prone to anger. She often nags her husband and hates his milk bottle cap collection.

Mysterious Organization


Makina Maki - Asaoka Ruriko 真境名マキ - 浅丘ルリ子

Yocchan's boss. An aging gangster who owns an antique store (Jizoudou). She assigns Yocchan, Niko, and Robo missions given to her by clients.

Yocchan / Nanashi Hideyoshi - Okada Yoshinori ヨっちゃん / 名梨秀吉 - 岡田義徳

Maki's extremely loyal lackey. He does various errands for her and is an excellent cook. Often helps Robo and Niko on their missions. Can occasionally be heard singing about being professional (usually when he is being unprofessional).


Muu-chan - Kajiwara Hikari むーちゃん - 梶原ひかり

Niko's classmate and friend.

Robo's Otaku Friends

Keroyama / Robo's friend #1 - Rokkaku Seiji ケロ山 / ロボの友人 #1 - 六角精児
Robo's friend #2 - Akaboshi Shouichirou ロボの友人 #2 - 赤星昇一郎
Robo's friend #3 - Nakamura Yasuhi ロボの友人 #3 - 中村靖日
Robo's friend #4 - Mansour Diagne ロボの友人 #4 - マンスール・ジャーニュ

Main Guests

See individual episode pages for additional guests

Voice 01 and Voice 11:

Mikkabouzu / Mita Hiroshi - Nakamura Shido 三日坊主 / 三田広 - 中村獅童

Voice 02:

Goutou / Gobozou - Murakami Jun 後藤 / ごぼ蔵 - 村上淳

Voice 03:

Ohaguro Onna / Yamano Tsukiko - Kashii Yuu お歯黒女 / 山野月子 - 香椎由宇

Voice 04:

Kannin Bukuro / Usami - Ichikawa Miwako かんにん袋 / 宇佐美好子 - 市川実和子

Voice 05:

Rei - Kurokawa Tomoka - 黒川智花
Chie - Takase Yukina 知枝 - 高瀬友規奈
Manami - Kinami Haruka マナミ - 木南 晴夏
Eri - Naka Riisa 絵里 - 仲里依紗
Mika - Iriyama Noriko 美香 - 入山法子

Voice 06:

ZI / Kyouko - Ryou ZI / 享子 - りょう
Robo's mom - Shiraishi Kayoko ロボの母 - 白石加代子

Voice 07:

Hamburg-san - Moro Morooka ハンバーグさん - モロ師岡

Voice 08 and Voice 09:

Shouko / Puccini #1 - Kobayashi Satomi 昭子 / プッチーニ #1 - 小林聡美
Megumi / Puccini #2 - Motai Masako 恵 / プッチーニ #2 - もたいまさこ
Emiri / Puccini #3 - Tomosaka Rie 絵美理 / プッチーニ #3 - ともさかりえ

Voice 10:

Shinoda Kone - Sasai Eisuke 信田コーン - 篠井英介


Episode Date Title Viewership Notes (ラテ欄) Script
Voice 01 April 10, 2007 (2007-04-10) Mikkabouzu
12.5% 美しき思い出を忘れた殺人者を追え!! Kizara Izumi
Voice 02 April 17, 2007 (2007-04-17)
Reaired May 22, 2007 (2007-05-22)
(Reair 6.0%)
強盗犯の最後の恋 Kizara Izumi
Voice 03 April 24, 2007 (2007-04-24) Ohaguro Onna
6.9% 孤独なお歯黒女!!救出作戦 Kizara Izumi
Voice 04 May 1, 2007 (2007-05-01) Kanninbukuro
7.0% 爆弾魔になった彼女を救え Yamaoka Shinsuke
Voice 05 May 8, 2007 (2007-05-08) Ushimitsu-sama
6.9% 高校入学!? 恐怖の三日間!! Nemoto Nonji
Voice 06 May 15, 2007 (2007-05-15) ZI 7.8% 殺し屋の子育て… Kizara Izumi
Voice 07 Never aired
(Released on DVD)
- 人生やり直せるハンバーグ Yamaoka Shinsuke
Voice 08 May 29, 2007 (2007-05-29) Puccini Part 1
プッチーニ 前編
6.5% 恋愛と死・前編 Kizara Izumi
Voice 09 June 5, 2007 (2007-06-05) Puccini Part 2
プッチーニ 後編
6.4% みんな死なないで Kizara Izumi
Voice 10 June 12, 2007 (2007-06-12) Sachiko
6.5% 来世の幸せをお金で買う男 Kizara Izumi
Last Voice June 19, 2007 (2007-06-19) Robo
6.4% 救えるのは宇宙で私だけ Kizara Izumi

Average viewership: 7.6%

Highest viewership: 12.5% (Voice 1)

Lowest viewership: 6.4% (Voice 9, Last Voice)

Missing Episode

Episode 7 did not air because it had a hostage situation, similar to one that happened in real life the week before. Not wanting to upset anyone, the episode was pulled. It was released with the DVD set later on.


  • Yocchan's surname, Nanashi, literally means "no name" in Japanese.
  • Robo notes in Voice 1 that his birthday is May 22nd, because the number matched the bottom of his toy robot's foot. This coincides with episode 7's airing and was supposed to be relevant to the plot.
    • Niko's birthday is also May 22nd in episode 7.
  • Kazumi and Niko have numbers in their names. Kazu means "one" in Japanese and she's the first child. Ni means "two". "Niko" can also mean "smile".


The drama is based on a manga series by Kuroda Iou. In the Viz translation of the manga, they spell the character's name Nico with a C. It's a strange decision considering Niko is just a typical Japanese girl's name, and there's no apparent need to westernize it.

The Viz translator also either mistranslated Niko's sister name or it was changed for the drama. 一海 can be interpreted a few ways, the Viz translator spelled it Hatsumi, but the drama shows that the proper pronunciation is Kazumi.

In a letter to her teacher, her father's name is Hideo instead of Takeo.

References to the Manga

  • In Voice 13 Niko saves a suicidal girl. When she comes out, Robo kneels and prays to her, the way he does to Kazumi at the end of Voice 1 in the drama.
  • At the end of the story with the assassin dealer, Niko looks out to the city and ponders something.
  • The man on the phone from the opening is from Voice 4 The Man in the Tower.

Differences from the Manga

  • Niko is a lot more brazen in the manga. Obviously such innuendo concerning a 14 year old girl in drama form would be controversial.
    • The head spy that the duo reported to was originally an old man instead of a woman. It was probably changed for the reason mentioned above. The old man equivalent to Maki also has an employee named Nanashi.
  • In Voice 12 of the manga, Niko's friend says her name is "Mu" (according to the Viz translation).

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