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Translator for

Likes video games, linguistics, and special effect shows.

Things I do

My Tumblr Blog

Features pictures I post, as well as reblogs of stuff that I find interesting.

My Twitch Page

When I stream games, I do it here.

My Youtube Channel

Sometimes features Japanese commercials, mostly features my let's play of games I play.

Regularly Watches

  • How I Met Your Mother Series complete
  • South Park
  • Simpsons - Doesn't watch anymore
  • Big Bang Theory
  • My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

Games Played Recently

Favorite Podcasts

Idle Thumbs Video Game Podcast
Staffed by members from the video game industry. These guys are witty, smart, zany, and funny. Two of the members work at Telltale Games and are the staff behind the Walking Dead Game.
Video Games Hotdog
Staffed by the Kingdom of Loathing guys. A good mix between entertaining and informative. They have a corner where they play a game weekly which they discuss on the show.
Updates weekly. A more dry and intellectual take on the gaming industry. More informational than entertaining.
A Dark Souls podcast.

Random Websites that I like
Video game and movie reviewer. Hosted by the Spoony One.
Video game humor.
Movie reviews created by the guys who did the two hour Star Wars Episode 1 review.
Freeman's Mind
Some guy plays obscure game Have Life while narrating over it. It can be pretty funny.
My Fair Hunter
A "podcast" about learning to play the game Monster Hunter Tri.
Equestria Daily
For My Little Pony fans
Chip and General Ironicus
Their Metal Gear Let's Plays are pretty funny.