Kamen Rider Drive 24

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Episode 24
What Drives Mach Forward?
Kamen Rider Drive episode
Writer Komura Junko
Director Suzumura Nobuhiro
Original air date April 5, 2015 (2015-04-05)
Viewership 5.1%
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Episode chronology
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Episode 23
Who Can Stop The Mischievous Smile?
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Why Did This New Battle Begin?
Episode List
Kamen Rider Drive
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Aired with Ninninger Shinobi no 06
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Important things that happened


Shoot Roidmude

File:Shoot Roidmude(b).png

Human form: Mogi Takurou (茂木拓郎)
Played by: Takeshi Naoki (武子直輝)
Height: 209cm
Weight: 126kg
Number: 091
Abilities: 物体を高速で撃ち込む能力。命中と同時に爆発するダーツ型の武器



  • Mogi Takurou - Takeshi Naoki 茂木拓郎 - 武子直輝
  • Kid Kiriko - Kato Yui 幼少時代の霧子 - 加藤結
  • Kid Go - Hashizume Ryuu 幼少時代の剛 - 橋爪龍

Songs Used


  • Roidmude 091 was already evolved when he first met Mogi Takurou.
  • Most of the action in this episode takes place in Midorigayama, Tokyo. Does that mean Kuruma is a city in Tokyo?
  • When the chief talks to Kyuu-chan, he says the "good morning" bit again from the episode with two Kyuu's.

Actor Trivia

  • Takurou is played by Takeshi Naoki who was Kain on Zero Black Blood and Shingo on PGSM.


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