Kamen Rider Drive 12

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Episode 12
Where Did the White Kamen Rider Come From?
Kamen Rider Drive episode
Writer Sanjou Riku
Director Ishida Hidenori
Original air date December 28, 2014 (2014-12-28)
Viewership 5.2%
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Who can Prevent the Dark Eve?
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Why Doesn't My Brother Have Brakes?
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Kamen Rider Drive
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Aired with TQG Station 42

Important things that happened


Gunman Roidmude

Gunman Roidmude.png

Human form: Gunman (ガンマン)
Played by: Bernard Ackah (ベルナール・アッカ)
Height: 208cm
Weight: 119kg
Number: 017
Abilities: エネルギー銃の高速連射。高威力のチャージショット



Song Used

SURPRISE-DRIVE Performed by Matsuoka Mitsuru of Earnest Drive


  • The victim at the beginning, Kinzou, is shown to be a rich man dressed in gold. Kinzou in Japanese means "treasure house".
  • When Shinnosuke is at the corridor with the 3 man Shift Cars, the wall on the left hangs a poster of traffic signs. Kamen Rider Mach uses traffic signs as weapons.
  • When Shinnosuke slid down the Shift Car's tiny roads, he landed on a road that has "Tomare" written on the floor. "Tomare" means "stop", same meaning as his surname "Tomari".
  • Apparently, the gravity surge allows humans to fall from heights unharmed due to decreased falling speed.
  • Continuing Gen's glimpses of Drive, this time he seems that his face is green.
    • Gen-san is bad at drawing. He even labels the head as green, arms as red, and feet as black, since he only saw the different parts when Drive was in his Type Speed, Wild, and Technic forms.
    • After Kyuu sees Gen's drawing, Rinna mouths and does the gesture for "Safe".
  • When the cameraman talks to Tomari, he addresses him as "the Kamen Rider who drives a car" specifically.
  • Rinna's device allows people to defy the gravity surge even without the Shift Cars.
  • Mach's motif is American stuntmen like Super Dave Osborne and Evel Knievel. Mach's design look similar to both their costumes.

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