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Super Doubutsu Taisen
Doubutsu Sentai Jyuohger episode
Writer Shimoyama Kento
Director Sugihara Teruaki
Original air date December 7, 2016 (2016-12-07)
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Doubutsu Sentai Jyuohger
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Suit Actors[edit]


  • At one point, AkaRed hits Jealoushitto. Jealoushitto responds by saying Amuro Ray's famous line about getting hit. That's because AkaRed is voiced by Furuya Toru who also voice Amuro from Gundam.
  • Amu says that Zalam from Toqger was based on a cat. Tusk responds by saying that he thought Zalam's character design was based on a bat.
  • The suit they're wearing is based on Hayashi-sensei.
  • The hats are from America Oudan Ultra Quiz, > but they're used pretty commonly on joke quiz shows nowadays.
  • The phrase "Final Answer" is from Who Wants to be a Millionaire?